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Eats from the East! Fried rice to rock your world  

Craving Asian? Four Fried Rice Dishes to Please Your Tum

Chopsticks at the ready, foodies! From kimchi mix to wholesome grains sizzled with duck, we've rounded up some of the best fried rice in town. Whether you like your puffy white goodness as a main or as a side, whether you're in the mood for something new or an old standby – you want it, we've got it. This is filling Asian food with a continental kick. This is Thai, Chinese and Korean chow heritage, with the Asian fusion of spice and flavour that comes with it. Veggies and carnivores alike, rejoice! It's time to satiate those appetites and fill those bellies, fried rice style.        

1. Pineapple Fried Rice - Malay Kitchen

Colourful, flavourful, accented and light — a bowl of Pineapple Fried Rice from Cork's Malay Kitchen is the perfect accompaniment to any sit down meal. When it comes to this dish, citrus burst hides in every charred chunk of fruit, and rugged taste in every mouthful of mixed veg. This is rice turned up to eleven, topped with crispy onions and just begging to be eaten. Share with a friend or wolf it down on your own; we won't judge. What matters is the satisfaction in your belly afterwards and the great Malaysian cuisine served up alongside. For the adventurers. For the curious. For the veggies.      

2. Kimchi Fried Rice - Hailan Chinese and Korean Restaurant

Kimchi is the staple of Korean cuisine; these mixed, salted and fermented vegetables seasoned to the max are part of an infinite number of dishes and plate ups, not least Kimchi Fried Rice from the folks down at the Hailan Chinese and Korean Restaurant in Dundrum. This is a rice dish that's all about plump white grains, scrambled egg and hot red taste in between it all. If you're just getting started with Korean cuisine, this is a great jumping off point. If you're adept in the craft, it's a great indulgence.  

3. Hoi An Thai Fried Rice - Koto

Not so much a rice dish as a meal that's built around the grain itself, Hoi An is a Thai classic. In this one little dish, over a dozen vegetables and ingredients come together in what can only be described as a flavourful symphony: fragrant jasmine rice as base, egg and shredded duck as substance, and an entire rainbow of spices, seasonings and vegetables to make up all the rest. Expect some heat, expect a full belly, expect greatness. The chefs at Koto in Cork are keen to please.  

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4.  Egg Fried Rice - Thai Orchid

What kind of a rice list would this be without an entry for everyone's favourite old-time classic? If you're passionate about sticking to what you know and if you just want a simple side with understated presence on the table, Egg Fried Rice is the dish for you. No fancy toppings, no funny business. It's exactly what is says on the tin, made daily with care and experience by chefs all around the world. Our personal recommendation for Dublin? The Thai Orchid kitchen.

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