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  2. Rooting out the best beetroot-inspired lunches in Galway
4 brilliant beetroot-inspired Galway lunch options

Rooting out the best beetroot-inspired lunches in Galway

The simple beetroot hasn't always had a reputation as an exciting and inspirational ingredient, but this is 2018 and times have changed for this humble vegetable. Now, beetroot isn't one of those ingredients your mum tries to sneak into your lunchbox without you noticing; it's a vegetable used to give dishes that little extra twist to help elevate them from the mundane.

Indeed, beets are seriously versatile. They can be used to make wine, are easy to slice and add into super salads, and can also be pickled to brilliant effect. The Aussies use them as a garnish in hamburgers and some chefs are now using them in Lebanese cuisine as an ingredient in that ever-popular dish: falafel. You might be spotting beetroot in more than just your salad next time you order some Lebanese food in Galway.

1. Anything Cork can do...

Cork is an awesome place to visit, but Galway is the on-trend Ireland destination at the moment (just ask Ed Sheeran if you're not sure). Whatever you think about Mr Sheeran, the team at TGO Falafel Bar have proved themselves capable of rocking our world with their Rock My Beets Wrap, which takes beets to a whole new level. With barbecued beet ketchup combined with two stunning falafels and a whole lotta love for fresh hummus and house slaw, this is the perfect treat for vegans and coeliacs. There's no need to miss out on a scrumptious lunch if you're on a health kick but want to beat those midday office blues.

2. Keeping beets phat with Freddy's

Normally, it would appear that the above image screams everything you need to know before you order your takeaway from Fat Freddy's, but this pizza joint doesn't just keep things phat by fuelling up dough boys. In fact, there are a few special vegan offerings on the menu, as well as the opportunity to get to grips with the best of the beet world thanks to their Homemade Hummus dish.

Hummus has become an established lunchtime indulgence, and nothing beats good quality Homemade Hummus crafted by people who know what they're doing. This dish combines beets, tahini, and chickpeas (of course), and is served with those oh-so traditional accompaniments of carrot sticks and pitta bread. Perfect!

3. Healthy food for the hungry

Galway can boast a fine array of lunchtime salads that boast beets to boot. Indeed, Mixgreens allows people to enjoy their mouthwatering Beetroot and Goat Cheese Salad at home. This salad combines the tart flavour of the goat cheese with the sweetness of the balsamic vinegar and the textural variation of the beets, walnuts, and apple. Boring salad really is a thing of the past in Galway.

4. Making sure Galway makes the cut

Vegetarians don't need to worry when it comes to getting their hands on some top-notch fodder in Galway. Chopped offer a healthy Garden Tofu dish that's sure to get your mouth watering. The roast beetroot shines through and helps to elevate the tofu and peppadew peppers, especially when paired with their tasty spiced herb low fat mayonnaise dressing.  

If you want to make sure your lunch can't be beet, make sure you head on over to order it from Deliveroo now!

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