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  2. Fancy Some Hearty Japanese Ramen? Our Guide to the Best Asian Noodles in Limerick
Limerick’s Best Asian Noodles From Japanese Ramen to Pad Thai

Fancy Some Hearty Japanese Ramen? Our Guide to the Best Asian Noodles in Limerick

Every cuisine has its specific perks and favourite staples but there are a few things that are shared across all culinary cultures and the past is one of them. From Italian to Indian, Japanese to American, every cuisine has its own version of the carb-loaded comfort food, dating back centuries. So many different ingredients go into these dishes and there are so many do's and don'ts on what they should be paired with. Asian cuisine probably has the widest variety of combinations and recipes. But how well do you know your noodles?

1. Pad Thai - Thai

Any list of Asian noodles would be remiss if it did not start with Pad Thai. Perhaps the favourite comfort food of Thai cuisine, this noodle-some taste bucket has a little bit of everything to satisfy even the quirkiest eater. At Lana Asian Street Food the classic dish is a favourite among the staff, which is clear from the care and respect with which they put their touch to it. Flat rice noodles are mixed with succulent chicken bites, tasty prawns, crispy bean sprouts, tangy tamarind, scrambled egg and Pad Thai's iconic crunchy roasted and crushed peanuts, all topped with a fresh lime wedge. Fragrant and flavourful, Pad Thai is the perfect first step to getting your noodles record on track!

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2. Singapore Noodles - Singaporean

It's a signature thinness that really defines Singapore noodles, leaving the ideal space between each soft string for carrying as much of the succulent sauce that smothers them as possible. At Mr. Noodle they like to mix and match, serving the egg noodles in this Singapore-style dish flavoured with Indian and Malaysian curry spices. Finally, they're combined with perfectly cooked slices of tender chicken and succulent prawn. We can't get enough of it, see if you can!

3. Ramen - Japanese

This Japanese popular noodles dish has truly conquered the world: there are Ramen places popping up everywhere, and Limerick is no exception. At Kyoto Sushi and Noodle, Japanese cuisine specialists, you will find the perfect Ramen – in quite a variety of styles, too. You can try their signature Teriyaki Ramen with grilled chicken slices, succulent sirloin steak, perfectly cooked salmon and a tempura mix. Or go for their Seafood and Kimchi Ramen. All Ramen dishes are served with the classic combination of fragrant Tonkotsu broth, Hanjuku egg, scallions, Wakame, pickles and Naruto fish cake. Perfect for a rainy day in!

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4. Mee Goreng - Indonesian / Malaysian

If you want to spice things up, why not stay away from the usual suspects like Pad Thai and Japanese ramen by exploring a little further afield? Let's head to Malaysia and Indonesia to rejoice in their shared love of Mee Goreng. The name of this dish literally means fried noodles and Aroi do it justice by mixing Singapore-style egg noodles with egg, prawn and chicken and tossing in veggies like cherry tomatoes, scallion and potato. It's all tossed in the pan together to give the dish its signature flavour, before being slathered in a medium spicy sauce and topped with Thai prawn crackers. Want to know what's making the crowds go wild at Indonesian street food stalls? It's this, but you can get in on the fun from your own couch!

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