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  2. You’ll go nuts for some of Dublin’s nuttiest Chinese dishes
Dublin's Tastiest Nut-Based Chinese Dishes

You’ll go nuts for some of Dublin’s nuttiest Chinese dishes

If you only ever get to enjoy nuts at Christmas or when you pick up a packet with your drink at the bar, we've got a big surprise for you. Did you know that you could eat them any day of the week at most of Dublin's Chinese restaurants as part of any number of delicious main courses? Well, if you didn't you do now and we're about to introduce you to some of the very best of them.

In fact, nuts have always been a big part of Asian cuisine because they're a relatively cheap but stunningly tasty source of protein that also adds a delicious crunch and extra depth of flavour to any dish. So next time you're planning to order in some of the city's very best Asian cuisine make sure that you include one of these dishes. After all, when you've read all about just how delicious they all are, you'd be nuts not to.

1. Hunan Style Chicken With Cashew Nuts and Crispy Chilli - Hilan Chinese and Korean Restaurant

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This is one of the Chef's Specials at the Hilan and, once you've tasted it for yourself, you'll soon see why. Tender pieces of chicken are mixed with crunchy cashews and topped with hot chillis that have been pan-fried until crisp. Served in a special Hunan-style sauce, it's a winning combination.

2. Malay Noodles - Wok On Inn


A very different kind of nut, the coconut, is at the heart if this dish with distinct Malay influences from the Wok On Inn. It's the main element of the laksa-style sauce that accompanies broccoli, onions, peppers and carrots and ist served with freshly stir-fried noodles. The result is a warmingly spicy, savoury and intensely flavoured dish that is sure to become a firm favourite once you've tried it for yourself.

3. Mam Bo Rice Vermicelli with Beef - Que Huong


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The Mam Bo Rice Vermicelli with Beef from Que Huong is a fantastic mix of textures and flavours and is all the more unusual for being served cold. Thin strips of beef that has been stir-fried are served with clear vermicelli, peanuts, bean sprouts and a cucumber salad dressed in nuoc cham, a sweet and salty accompaniment made with sugar, lime, vinegar and fish sauce.

4. Chicken Satay - Chai Yo

We couldn't put together a list of great dishes including nuts without mentioning at least one satay recipe, especially when it's as good as the one served at Chai Yo. Chicken is marinated in the slightly spicy peanut paste before being grilled on a skewer to tender, succulent perfection to create the perfect finger food.

5. Sticky Venison with Pumpkin, Kale and Hazelnuts - Hang Dai

They've really pushed the boat out at Hang Dai with the last of our five dishes with this rich and flavoursome treat which features the unusual inclusion of hazelnuts to perfectly complement the tasty venison and soft pumpkin. The addition of kale even makes it good for you too!

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