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  2. Veggies! Prepare your taste buds for an Asian food invasion!
4 totally awesome Asian foods for vegetarians

Veggies! Prepare your taste buds for an Asian food invasion!

Asian food is definitely enjoying a moment right now. There are new restaurants popping up all over and exciting new dishes being added to all the old favourites. And, best of all, the choice for vegetarians has never been wider. From Japanese to Korean, and even Vietnamese, restaurants everywhere are pulling out all the stops to bring fresh flavours and new combinations of ingredients to the table. So we've been out and about looking for some great choices for you and now you can discover just what we've found.

1. Check out Korean

If you've never heard of Fresh Leaves Bibimbap before, then it's about time that you did. In Korean, bibimbap means "mixed rice" but this nowhere near does justice to just how delicious it is. Sure, it's based on rice but there are lots of other fresh and amazing ingredients too. The way they prepare it at Hailan Korean Restaurant is to mix in the rice with seasoned and sautéed vegetables and the super spicy chilli sauce called gochujang. So far so great. But then they go and top it off with a freshly fried egg whose yolk seeps down deliciously into the rest of the dish. Now that's what we call comfort food!

2. Give Vietnamese a go

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Here's a must-try dish for the big noodle fans among you, whether it's ramen that floats your boat or just the simple egg-fried variety. Down at Bun Cha they're famous for being the Vietnamese street food masters of Dublin and their Vegetarian Noodle Soup is a great example of their art. Thick ribbon noodles are added to a pho broth that has been left to simmer and intensify in flavour for at least two hours. Then there are broccoli, carrots and bamboo shoots which are deliciously tender and a wonderfully colourful addition to the dish.

3. Turn to Japanese

Once in a while it's great to find a version of sushi that doesn't include fish. It's even better when that dish is quite as delicious as Kuraudo's Beji. It features on the Special Sushi section of their menu and once you've sampled it you'll soon see why. Avocado, asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes, cucumber and carrot come topped with crisp lettuce and mayo. The combination of vibrant flavours and different textures works together perfectly to create a vegetarian sushi dish that's quite simply sublime.

4. Mix it up with Asian Fusion

For our final port of call on a whistle-stop tour of Asia, we're heading for Wagamama where the restaurant's take on the classic Donburi rice dish has been proving to be very popular of late. Their veggie version of the dish includes shiitake mushrooms and a broccoli omelette served on brown rice in a teriyaki sauce. Extra crunch is provided by the garnish of shredded carrots, spring onions, chilli and pea shoots and the result is a dish that may be traditional but offers an exciting new range of flavours too.

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