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  2. 4 of the best breakfasts you’ll find in Dublin 
Best Breakfasts In Dublin

4 of the best breakfasts you’ll find in Dublin 

We've all heard it before – breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That's sometimes hard to remember early in the morning when you're on the bus to work. But when you think of all the awesome breakfast options out there, you may start to feel a bit different. So we've rounded up a few great places for you to get to know…

1. Sourdough Toast with Avocado, Staple Foods

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Staple Foods is the best place to go if you fancy something a little healthier to get your day started. Using the finest freshly baked bread from Bretzel Bakery, their crusty sourdough toast topped with avocado is one of their most popular vegetarian-friendly breakfast orders. If you're after something that'll really keep you going, their breakfast burritos are an unforgettable fusion treat.

Where: Staple Foods, various locations

2. Protein Pancakes, Póg

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Specialising in healthy snacks, salads and sandwiches, Póg is another place that should be on your radar if you're looking for a breakfast with a twist. Opt for one of their Paleo Egg Pots, loaded with chorizo, red onion and spinach, for something a bit different. But we love their hugely popular Protein Pancakes – add one of their fruit salads for a refreshing natural sugar boost, or go down the naughtier route with strawberries and Nutella if you like to start the day with all things sweet.

Where: Póg, Dublin 1

3. Banana Bread, Café à Table

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The team at Café à Table cater to all tastes, so you'll find everything from a traditional Irish Breakfast to super healthy granola pots whipped up here. Our favourite breakfast treat is their fluffy, homemade banana bread, cooked on site each day. Add in one of those fruity packed granola pots and you're powered up till lunch.

Where: Café à Table, Dublin 2

4. Jumbo Breakfast, Café Bliss Dublin

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With a name like Café Bliss, who could expect anything less than heavenly food? Their breakfast menu has been a huge hit with Dubliners, and when you look at something like their Jumbo Breakfast, it's easy to see why. You get the works with this one – egg, sausage, tomato, black pudding, beans, mushrooms, spicy wedges, toast and a hash brown to top it off. If you're looking for something a little lighter, order their popular French toast, with your choice of soft banana or fresh raspberries, all drizzled with sticky maple syrup.

Where: Café Bliss, various locations

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