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  2. Top that! Some of the most amazing ways to pimp up your burger
Top that! Brilliant, Unusual Toppings for your Burger

Top that! Some of the most amazing ways to pimp up your burger

There's nothing quite like a thick, juicy burger and fries when you're really feeling hungry – and that's why millions of them are devoured every day. For many people, the classic version with just a beef pattie in a sesame seed bun, maybe with a bit of ketchup or cheese, does the job. Yet, the world of burgers, especially in Ireland, has many more exciting options to offer.

And if you can't find any that do it for you, then you can even take matters into your own hands by making your own additions with side orders like deep fried onion rings. But that shouldn't be necessary with these great options on offer.

1. Supermac's Heuston – Smokey Bacon Burger

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Let's start off with this great hunger buster that makes other macs pale into insignificance. They've taken two all-Irish beef patties and put them in a bun with bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato and burger sauce to really show just why Supermac's have got such a fantastic reputation for their burgers. Enjoy it alongside any of their seven – yes, seven – different kinds of fries and you'll be sure to be back again next time you've got a yearning for a burger.

2. Gourmet Burger Kitchen – The Avocado Burger

Gourmet Burger Kitchen by name, and by nature, this great feast features one of the most on-trend ingredients of the moment, the avocado. It's partnered with the classic accompaniment, crispy bacon, as well as house relish, mayo and salad. If you're feeling even more adventurous then why not try their Kiwiburger? This has a truly weird and wacky collection of toppings including beetroot, egg, pineapple and cheddar to create a combination of flavours that you'll probably never have tasted before.

3. Bobo's – The Horseradish Burger

You have horseradish on your roast beef so why not also have it on your burger? At least that's what they think at Bobo's and if you give it a go you may well agree with them. It's served in a standard bun with a good, meaty pattie, with caramelised onion, iceberg lettuce, tomato, horseradish and crème fraiche. Then, to add even more bite to it, they even add a slice of Cashel blue cheese. The result is a burger that a real hunger-buster in every sense of the phrase.

4. Eddie Rocket's Diner – Bacon, Egg and Clonakilty Supreme

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We've saved the very best till last – courtesy of Dublin's legendary Eddie Rocket's Diner. There's so much in this burger that it should satisfy even the biggest appetite with, wait for it, burger, bacon, tomato, mayo, cheddar and fries plus your choice of hash brown or Clonakilty white or black pudding. If you've still got room to also enjoy one of the restaurant's legendary milkshakes after all that, then we really do salute you!

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