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Best Cakeaways in Dublin

Sweet, sweet Dublin: 4 of the best cakeaways in town

For anyone with a sweet tooth craving a sugary pick-me-up, have you ever considered a cakeaway? From classic scones, chocolate cakes and berry tarts though to straight-out-of-leftfield Snickers cronuts – we've searched out some tantalising treats from The Fair City's sweet counter.

1. Mixed Berry Tart, Fallon & Byrne Deli

Fallon & Byrne is a high-class deli dishing up sophisticated, delicious fare for the discerning diner. In the food hall there's 'just about everything made, grown or otherwise perfected on the good earth, much of it organic, all of it delicious'.

For a hit of sweet fruity freshness, dive into the Mixed Berry Tart. The base is as light as a feather, filled to the brim with decadent crème pâtissière. This is in turn decorated with the plumpest, freshest mixed berries you'll see: a crunchy, creamy, zingy masterpiece.

Where: Fallon & Byrne, Dublin 2

2. Scone, Tasty8

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There are scones; then there are Tasty8 scones. Slightly larger than average in size, these beauties succeed where many an average scone has failed in the past: they're not stodgy. Because they're baked fresh, these gems are light and airy with the odd burst of current adding fruity sweetness. Just add a massive dollop of jam and clotted cream and you're good to go.

Where: Tasty8, Merchant's Quay

3. Snickers Cronut, Krüst Bakery

And now it's time to push the boat out further. The range of options at Krüst will leave the eyes of even the most ardent cakeaway enthusiast bulging with delight. The Snickers Cronut is no-holds-barred guilty pleasure. Shaped like a doughnut but swapped out with croissant pastry, this wheel of joy rolls is laden with your favourite chocolate bar's trademark filling; sweet caramel and chocolate, topped with a nutty finish.

Where: Krust Bakery, Dublin

4. Whole Rich Belgian Chocolate Cake, The Cake Café

But maybe you're looking for a cake to share? We know a place to get your hands on a masterpiece, special occasion cake: The Cake Café. One look at their Belgian Chocolate Cake and wow. It's a work of art. Swirls of intricate pipework skirt the top of this perfectly formed chocolate circle. Your knife slides through dreamily rich Belgian chocolate to reveal a slice of cake with the perfect crumb and lightness.  Now add cream. And a happy "mmm" sound.

Where: The Cake Café, Dublin 2

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