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Cork Chicken Curries to Spice Up Your Life

Which of Cork’s top chicken curries would you cross the road for?

There once was a time when the only chicken curry you could get in Ireland was a mild and only slightly spicy concoction with chunks of chicken in a gravy-style sauce. But - hooray! - times have changed and there have been various food revolutions along the way introducing whole new cuisines.

So today the range of chicken curries you can enjoy has expanded hugely, whether you're a big fan of the classic Indian or prefer to experiment with Chinese, Thai and even Japanese varieties.

They also cover all ranges of heat from the mild to the super hot, fit only for the most intrepid of curry fans. So, to give you a quick rundown of just some of the many options that are waiting for you, we've crossed plenty of roads in our search for Cork's finest chicken curries. This is what we've found.

1. Chicken Curry - Yuan Ming Yuan

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First stop is at Yuan Ming Yuan, where you'll find a classic Chinese chicken curry on the menu. Unlike the chilli-based curries that Indian and Thai cuisine favour, this version relies more on pepper to provide its heat and is served in a thick, rich gravy. It's also delicious, whether you decide to enjoy it with noodles or the more traditional rice accompaniment.

2. Katsu Chicken Curry - Koto

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The way that Koto make their Japanese-style Katsu Curry is unusual in that they first coat the chicken in panko breadcrumbs before deep frying it until it's crispy and golden. They then serve it with a mild katsu curry sauce, some mixed leaves and some delicately flavoured jasmine rice. Although it's full of flavour and interesting textures, this is certainly one for the lover of the milder curry.

3. Thai Green Curry - Flame Asian Street Food

Possibly the best known of all Thai curries, the green curry can vary in level of spiciness from recipe to recipe and from restaurant to restaurant. The way they make it at Flame Asian Street Food is undoubtedly towards the spicier end of the scale and it's also rich with the classic flavours of Thai cuisine including coconut milk, coriander and lemongrass.

4. Japanese Chicken Curry - Dashi Sushi

They don't just do sushi at Dashi Sushi, as this stunning curry proves. It's rich with Japanese flavours and is served with rice and garnishes of both spring onions and a sprinkling of sesame seeds to create a quite unique flavour combination.

5. Chicken Malai - Bombay Palace

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Last, but not least, here's one of the more unusual Indian curry dishes that's served up at the Bombay Palace. Similar to a pasanda and just as mild, the Chicken Malai contains succulent pieces of meat in a creamy sauce with almonds and an aromatic combination of Indian herbs and spices to create a dish where flavour is definitely more important than heat.

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