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Fall Head Over Heels In Love With Galway’s Finest Chocolate Cake

Meltingly beautiful chocolate cake to make your Valentine’s night complete

Of all of the nights of the year, it's Valentine's when you want everything to be as special as it can be. You've even remembered to post the card in good time. When it comes to the meal itself you carefully avoid anything tricky to eat with style and definitely rule out spinach (so it doesn't get stuck in your teeth).

But what to choose for dessert? Well, it's one of the simplest decisions you'll ever have to make – chocolate cake. Or any sweet where chocolate prevails, for that matter. It's the final touch of luxury and indulgence to accompany, say, the champagne you've already treated yourselves to. And where do you go for the very best chocolate desserts? Let us be your guide.

1. Chocolate Fudge Cake - Milano

This is a dessert that manages to hit the sweet spot, no questions asked. That's because it's a chocolate fudge cake made to their own special recipe at Milano. It's a moist, rich and delicious dessert that is covered with a fudge icing. You'll find that it's perfect on its own or even better served with cream or a side order of ice cream.

2. Homemade Chocolate Lumpy Bumpy - Da Roberta

The name may not be the most romantic in the world but just one mouthful of Da Roberta's Homemade Chocolate Lumpy Bumpy is love at first taste. It consists of two layers of the lightest sponge with a fondant chocolate buttercream in the middle and a topping of dark chocolate icing studded with walnut pieces. A sprinkling of icing sugar makes it complete.

3. Terry's Chocolate Orange Doughnut - Funky Donut & Co.

The Terry's Chocolate Orange always comes out for special occasions, so why not Valentine's Night too? In the hands of Funky Donut & Co it is magically transformed into one of the fanciest doughnuts it will ever be your pleasure to experience. It's true, a doughnut may not be romance as you know it. But this dessert lets you mix things up this Valentine's Day and it's one that's sure to please.

4.Tiramisu Classico - Osteria Italiana

It's an Italian classic that could have been made for sharing on Valentine's Night. Even the name – meaning "pick me up" – is inviting and it would certainly end the meal on a high, especially the way that Osteria Italiana makes it. Not only is the usual light combination of sponge, coffee, brandy and mascarpone sprinkled with cocoa, their version even comes with a rich chocolate sauce.

5. Pocky - Wa Café

Japanese cuisine may not be well-known for its use of chocolate as an ingredient, but never fear. Check out Wa Café at Deliveroo and enjoy their delicious chocolate biscuit sticks. This dessert is a big favourite in Japan and, light and simple as this little snack is, it makes the perfect solution to give you the romantic taste of choc you need without tipping you both over the edge after a big celebratory meal.

Your own gorgeously romantic chocolate desserts are just a couple of clicks away with Deliveroo.

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