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Crazy for Chocolate? Try Our Top 5 Chocolate Desserts in Dublin

Got a chocolate cake craving? Try the top 5 chocolate desserts in Ireland

For Dubliners, no meal is complete unless delicious dessert is served – and we sure know how to pick them. Irish have a knack for everything sweet, and chocolate couldn't but top that list. But if you, like us, do not have a particular flair for baking, you might find our ultimate dessert top 5 a real lifesaver when that craving hits!

1. Belgian Chocolate Cake

First things first – you cannot list the ultimate chocolate desserts in town and not start with the Belgian chocolate heaven that is the signature dessert of the Cake Café. They appropriately call it Whole Rich Belgian Chocolate Cake, and it does justice to its name: a combination of gooey, rich chocolate cake intricately decorated with layer upon layer of dark chocolate cream and topped with chocolate swirls, smashed meringue and just enough berries to cut through the richness.  You probably cannot finish it alone, so share it with a friend and have a blast!

2. Caramel and Chocolate Square

Few things go better together than caramel and chocolate – and few restaurants know how to do desserts better than Fallon and Byrne Deli. Combine the two and you get the ultimate result: their amazing Fallon & Byrne Caramel Square, a dessert that proudly sits on top of their sweet menu and promises to offer you everything you ever wished for. Crunchy, buttery biscuit base? Done. Mouth-watering, irresistible caramel? Done. Topped with shiny, rich chocolate and ready to satisfy your chocolate dream? Done and done!

3. Snickers Cake

While we are on the topic of caramel and chocolate, there is maybe one thing that could make the combo go even further: adding peanuts, a standard favourite ingredient in American desserts – and they know a thing or two about baking. In fact, the best version of this mix is an immensely popular and tasty chocolate-bar-turned-cake – enter the Snickers Cake. You'd have to find yourself in Cork for this one, but we promise you that the signature Snickers Cake that they serve at Eco Douglas is absolutely worth it: decadent, soft caramel, with layers of peanuts and finished off with delicious melted chocolate sauce – served, of course, with a scoop of cooling vanilla ice cream.

4. Donuts

A list of the best cakeaway in Dublin would not be complete without a mention of a dessert that is on everybody's good side. Donuts are the perfect dessert on the go, and when you need a quick sweet bite to keep your energy going. At Donuters, you can get all sorts of choco-enhanced donut combos. Our favourite? Go for Cookies and Cream – delicious vanilla icing, crunchy cookie crumble, and insanely good white chocolate – or the great Coconutter, for some tasty milk chocolate with a coconut flake and bounty twist.

5. Brownie

Finally, the ultimate chocolate dessert for many devoted enthusiasts: brownie. Moist chocolate cake, full of buttery goodness and crispy around the edges, usually topped with chocolate or enhanced with chocolate chunks. Despite being famous for their cronuts – you can also try their Nutella Cronut for a hazelnut choco spread boost – Krüst Bakery also serve a mean brownie that is one of the best we've ever tasted!

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