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The Pie Maker Galway and Other Great Galway Comfort Food

When It Comes To Comfort Food, The Pie Maker Galway Isn't The Only Game In Town

Spring's still a fair way off so we all need to enjoy some warm, comforting dishes to see us through until the sun decides to show its face again. For lots of us that means digging into a delicious pie or two – and one of the very best places that we can enjoy one is from The Pie Maker Galway. They're famous for their pies, which – by the way – are very comforting.

But there are all sorts of other choices in Galway just waiting to be discovered, whether you fancy a classic American takeaway or a deep-loaded pizza. They'll all give you that warm, satisfied sensation as well as helping to take your mind off the weather. They're also the perfect choice whether you're in with mates watching the match or just don't fancy cooking. So go on, indulge yourself in a little comfort.

1. Slow Braised Beef and Stout Pie - The Pie Maker

When all's said and done, we've got to start off with this beauty from The Pie Maker. Local Galway beef is slow cooked for a minimum of 12 hours, then put in a pie with carrots, celery and onions and served in a rich gravy made from 8 degree stout. Plus there's the choice of mash, braised red cabbage or traditional mushy peas on the side.

2. Vegan Three Bean Chili - The Chili Shack

Just because you're vegan or vegetarian it doesn't mean that you can't also enjoy a wholesome and hearty feed, as this mouth watering offering from The Chili Shack proves. It's a mix of traditional kidney beans and two other varieties in a rich and spicy chili and tomato sauce with onions and garlic that make a really heart-warming bowlful.

3. Creole Chicken Burger - Mixgreens

If you fancy a burger with a difference then Mixgreens will be happy to oblige. It's served on a sweet and light brioche bun along with tomato, lettuce and red onion and warming bayou mayonnaise with the spicy flavourings of Cajun cooking. An extra kick of heat comes from the sea salt and paprika-seasoned fries that accompany it.

4. Caponata - Milano

Pizza's on the comfort food menu for you at Milano with their Winter Special of Caponata. It's a heady mix of olives, capers, aubergines, tomatoes and onions as well as rich and creamy buffalo mozzarella, finished off with a generous sprinkling of Gran Milano cheese. Bellissimo!

5. The Homer Simpson - Funky Donut & Co.

Is there a more comforting sight for anyone with a sweet tooth than a box of doughnuts waiting to be devoured? It certainly does the trick for Homer as he whiles away the hours sitting behind the control desk at the power plant and here's a sweet treat from Funky Donut & Co created in his honour. Definitely one for an "mmmmm, doughnuts!" experience.

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