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  2. 10 Reasons why Ireland’s Fallen in Love with Nando’s
10 Reasons Why Ireland’s Fallen in Love with Nando’s

10 Reasons why Ireland’s Fallen in Love with Nando’s

It's 30 years since the legend that is Nando's was born in Southern Africa. Those three decades have seen it spread all over the world bringing its spicy delights to millions of customers. One country where it's really taken off is in Ireland - so much so that it often wins out over going for a burger when people are looking for a quick and tasty meal.

There are lots of great things about Nando's and its menu and here, in no particular order, are our top 10 reasons why it's such a very big hit.

1. Peri Peri

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It's Swahili for "chilli" and, in the very capable hands of Nando's, it translates into meaning "as hot as you can take it". The subtle addition of lemon and garlic really lifts the flavour – and it's what gives the spice its unique kick.

2. Flame grilling

There's nothing quite like real flames to bring a dish to life, not to mention sealing in the juicy flavours of a succulent chicken breast, burger or steak. And there's no-one quite as good as Nando's at flame-grilling to perfection.

3. Nando's chicken

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We've all experienced a so-so chicken dish in the past – one with dry meat, very little flavour and an exceptionally forgettable sauce. But because Nando's source all of their chickens from Irish farms and then marinate the meat for a full 24 hours it's never an issue for them.

4. Wing roulette

However you like your chicken wings, you'll never be able to equal the excitement of a game of Nando's wing roulette - 10 different wings that all look the same so the only way to discover which ones are extra hot is to take the plunge and taste them all.

5. All the fun of the share

Wing roulette is also a great game to play when there's a group of you. Plus there are a whole range of other, less risky, sharing platters whether you're all wanting the Jumbo, No Bones or the classic Full Platter.

6. Great steaks too

Of course, it's not all about the chicken at Nando's. There are also fantastic steaks to sink your teeth into, cooked exactly how you like them and served with spicy accompaniments in your choice of wrap, pitta or roll.

7. Don't forget the veggies

It's not all a meat feast of course, so it's also perfect for the vegetarians amongst us to enjoy a real treat at Nando's with salads, wraps and beanie burgers all on the menu too.

8. Macho peas

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It takes real genius to transform the humble pea into a force to be reckoned with, but they've managed it here. The fantastic blend of parsley, mint and chilli makes sure the macho peas pack a real punch.

9. Nandinos

Let's hear it for the kids! The Nandinos under 10's menu means that the whole family can also enjoy a fabulous meal.

10. Refreshing Rubros

Last but not least, you can ring the changes from the usual soft drink options with three great varieties of iced tea made from the South African Rooibos bush – and you can't get drinks like this just anywhere!

These are the top ten reasons why we (and the entirety of Ireland) crave Nando's. Let Deliveroo bring your menu favourites to you.

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