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  2. How do you like your eggs in the morning? Perhaps with a twist...
Where serves the best eggs in Dublin? 4 cracking breakfast options

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Perhaps with a twist...

When it comes to getting your priorities straight for meals, it's vital to remember that of all the meals you intend on eating (which is, of course, as many as possible) the one that rules the importance roost is breakfast. Sadly, breakfast is a meal so often dismissed, scratched off the agenda courtesy of the unsatisfying start to your day that is a bowl of soggy cornflakes or a dry piece of toast.

It can be easy to slip into breakfast banality, but the range of options available at the break of dawn means you can not only easily seriously enjoy your breakfast but you can make it a downright cracking one. That's especially the case if you fancy an eggy brekky with a twist – exactly what we have lined up for you.

1. A taste of North Africa - Moroccan Eggs

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Pretty much anyone who enjoys hearty, flavour-packed food will have heard of tagine and perhaps already have ordered one from us in the past. But it's easy to forget that Moroccan food is not limited to this classic dish. Eathos boast a fantastic healthy breakfast in the form of Moroccan Eggs, a dish as good on the eyes as it is for the stomach. Ingredients including chorizo, tomato and chickpea being accompanied by flavourful zaatar and harissa is topped off with a coriander yoghurt and a sesame flatbread meaning you'll be feasting like a king or queen as you tuck into your spiced bowl of goodness.

2. Obsession with perfection - The Full Cocu Breakfast Box

With such a huge range of breakfast choices to start the day, it should come as no shock that your breakfast can start with a Deliveroo bonanza, even if you are trying to be as healthy as possible. Indeed, the health obsession that the team at Cocu strive to achieve means you can start the day with The Full Cocu Breakfast Box, which will stuff you full of goodness with roasted sweet potato, Gubbeen chorizo, Cocu style eggs and a range of other freshly made Spanish treats for the stomach. Where else can you smugly say you had sausage and egg for breakfast without feeling guilty?

3. The best breakfast in bed - Avocado & Eggs

Takeaway food might once have had a less than solid reputation, but we work with only the best restaurants and chefs, meaning we can deliver to you the mouth-watering food from Brother Hubbard (South). Considered one of the best breakfasts in Ireland, this place has got the goods. For those fancying an eggy brekky, we'd go for the brilliant Brother Hubbard South Avocado & Eggs. This dish boasts that winning combination of runny egg yolk and smashed avocado, but with little twists like chickpeas, dukkah and an all-important Irish nod of crispy dehydrated kale.

4. A saintly breakfast - Eggs Benedict

While the explosion of new and exciting food options in Dublin means you can enjoy an eggy breakfast from around the globe in a healthy or truly indulgent fashion, there's no dismissing the fact that sometimes it's the classics that hit the spot. With this in mind, the Eggs Benedict at Vandal could be the Deliveroo inspiration to make your breakfast in bed second-to-none. This is truly a dish of indulgence and one that is destined to bring happiness to your world, even if you enjoyed a few more than intended the night before and are looking to get back to your saintly ways.​

Breakfast on your mind? Get your eggs (with a twist or not) delivered to your door through Deliveroo.

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