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5 Of The Best Noodles And Ramen Cork Has To Offer

If You’re On The Trail For Exciting Noodles And Ramen, Cork Sure Is The Place To Be

For lots of us, noodles are the ultimate comfort food. They also come in so many forms and with so many other ingredients that there's sure to be the perfect dish for everyone. Whether your go-to is a local Chinese, you prefer the more Japanese-influenced udon or ramen or like to spice it up with all kinds of other varieties such as Thai specialities and street food-style Singaporean treats, Cork has plenty of choice for you. One thing they all have in common is that they're served fresh from the wok, to create a taste sensation in a bowl. Of course noodle dishes are pretty filling but if you're hungry (or just greedy!) tuck into a tasty oriental starter before you go hard on the main event… speaking of which, here are five noodle choices to help you out.

1. Chow Mein - Yuan Ming Yuan

Let's start with a classic – where would a noodle chart be without the Chow Mein? Those masters of the wok at Yuan Ming Yuan are serving up a treat: the beauty of their version of the dish is that you can choose beef, chicken, seafood, duck, vegetables or tofu to accompany the thin noodles that are served in the restaurant's special sauce. So each time you try it, you can savour a different dish. And believe us, you'll want to try it again and again.

2. Singapore Noodles - Ramen

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Cork is lucky to be able to capture all the excitement and vibrancy of the Asian street food scene by giving Ramen's food a go. And no dish does exciting and vibrant better than their version of Singapore noodles. Freshly stir-fried every time, they're a vibrant mix of spring onions, beansprouts, Chinese leaves, egg, carrots, peppers, ginger, garlic and sambal. You'd never even know you're getting your five-a-day from this taste sensation!

3. Pad Thai - Golden Elephant

For many of us Pad Thai is the quintessential Thai noodle dish and you won't find many better examples of this classic than the version prepared at Golden Elephant. Served in the traditional style, it's packed with all the flavours you'd expect and the topping of peanuts, chilli, lime and bean sprouts add the crunch and zing that make this the amazing noodle nosh that it is.

4. Mee Goreng - Flame Asian Street Food

Mee Goreng, along with its rice equivalent Nasi Goreng, are virtually the national dishes of Malaysia and Indonesia and Flame Asian Street Food are showing us why with their dazzling interpretation. Egg noodles are stir fried with a range of oriental vegetables including pak choi and served in a brown chilli sauce, with fantastic results.

5. Zaru Udon - Miyazaki

Let's not forget the Japanese love of noodles, as shown so well at Miyazaki. They like to keep things plain and simple, like so much of Japanese culture, so these are served cold with a dipping sauce that's rich with umami flavours to create a dish that is intensely satisfying however often you enjoy it. We said plain and simple, we didn't say boring.

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