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  2. Why going gluten-free needn’t mean going hungry in Dublin
Why going gluten-free needn’t mean going hungry in Dublin

Why going gluten-free needn’t mean going hungry in Dublin

With more and more people discovering that they're gluten intolerant, it can sometimes be a struggle to find restaurants that don't just offer the most plain and bland alternatives to wheat and wheat products. But, just like the city's vegetarian restaurants, which now offer a far wider range of options than ever before, there are also plenty of places that make a real effort to include gluten-free dishes, too. So here, without further ado, are five places where you can look forward to a gluten-free feast.

1. POG

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Póg, in case you didn't know, is Gaelic for "kiss", and the owners chose the name because they wanted to open a place offering food that shows your body that you love it. So not only will you find some of the most delicious salads and smoothies in Dublin, every one comes with detailed nutritional information, too. Try the salad they call The Falafel One and you'll soon see why they've been a big hit ever since opening in 2014.

2. Sprout & Co

Healthy, seasonal and local are the three main principles that drive Sprout & Co's philosophy. For example, all their pressed cold juices are made on their very own allotment in Bray, Co. Wicklow and one of their standout salads, the Paprika Chica, includes a Manor Farm Chicken. It's accompanied by sweet potato, spinach, spring onion and paprika yoghurt that creates a spicy, gluten-free dressing.

3. Bread & Bones

They may have a dreaded wheat product in their name but have no fear, there are some fantastic gluten-free options to enjoy at Bread & Bones. The menu is Korean-inspired so it gives you the chance to sample kimchi if you've never tried it before. It's a fermented pickle made from cabbage, carrots, onions and vinegar and it's a delicious element of their Monster Kimchi Fries along with pulled pork, steak, fried egg and garlic mayo.

4. Milano

If you've children who are gluten intolerant it can even more tricky, especially if you want to take them out for a treat. So here comes Milano to the rescue. It's a pizza restaurant that offers gluten-free options on its Piccolo children's menu with a choice of four different pizzas including pepperoni, ham, chicken or the classic margherita. What's more, they even come with GF dough balls on the side.

5. Beshoff Bros

If you ever have a craving for fish and chips but the batter is an issue then all your worries are over. Dublin's famous Beshoff Bros are continuing in their tradition of meeting changing customer needs with their range of GF items. You can choose from cod, haddock – both plain and smoked – and scampi. There are also chicken goujons without the usual breadcrumb coating. They're all served with chips, a lemon wedge and tartar sauce and you can even enjoy a side-order of onion rings too.

So why go without when it's so easy to go gluten-free? Head over to Deliveroo quickly for these and more delicious gluten-free options.

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