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Dublin's Biggest and Best Gourmet Pork Dishes

No Need to Forage - Dublin’s Gourmet Pork Dishes served on a plate

Sausages, burgers, loins and chops - Pork is one of the genuinely underrated foods. Since pulled pork arrived on the scene and made it one of the most fashionable foodstuffs in recent years, restaurants have been brimming with gourmet pork dishes fit for a king.

Dublin isn't short of top American restaurants whose chefs are a dab-hand at creating amazingly moreish pork dishes. Eddie Rocket's is just one classic example of a restaurant that has dishes with pork up front and centre, as in their Cheese Dog, or to provide a supplementary boost of flavour, as with the bacon in their Chicken Avocado Bacon burger.

We've listed a selection of the finest gourmet pork offerings in Dublin for you to try.

1. Pig On A Board

There can't be many of us left who haven't had the opportunity to try one of America's greatest dishes - pulled pork. Usually made with pork shoulder, pulled pork can be cooked in a variety of ways, but the key is for long, slow cooking. This allows the meat in what might otherwise be a tough cut to become tender enough to be pulled apart easily and served in shreds. Often the meat is soaked in brine before cooking to increase the moisture content required for a long, slow cook.

Pig On A Board gives diners a double porky hit at My Meat Wagon. Not only do you get a helping of pulled pork, but there's some pork belly thrown in there for good measure. Along with the two lots of meat, you'll get the choice of two sides.

2. Bourbon Back Rib

If you ever wondered how restaurants make ribs taste so great, it's all in the preparation and the cooking process. Firstly a sauce is used to marinate the ribs before they're smoked on the grill. But during the cooking, a "mop" is used to keep the ribs moist during cooking. The mop is made of the dry rub marinade used along with a liquid like beer or cider vinegar to make it easier to apply. Some chefs spray it on, others brush it on.

Order the Bourbon Back Rib at Pitt Bros BBQ North and you'll be able to experience the taste of a well-mopped rack of ribs. These ribs are doused with the Pitt Bros Bourbon house mop on the grill and then served with a shot of pickled Bourbon.

3. Miss and Mister Piggy

You can't mistake what you're going to get if you order a Miss or Mister Piggy at Bobo's. Both feature a pork burger, dressed different ways. The Miss Piggy has garlic mayo, chorizo, goat's cheese, rocket, onion and tomato with black pepper. The Mister, in the meantime, has parmesan instead of the goat's cheese. Of course, there are no rules to say which sex can order which burger; it's all down to whether you're a fan of goat's cheese or parmesan really. Either way, you're going to get a fantastic, juicy burger.

4. Twice Cooked Pork Belly

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This is a classic pork dish that you'll find in different cuisines around the world. It's a heavenly mix of spice and sweetness and it's one of those dishes where the meat melts in your mouth. There are infinite variations of how pork belly is cooked but we recommend you try the Twice Cooked Pork Belly at Bread & Bones. It's served with a choice of rice or fries with a peanut satay sauce on the side.

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