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4 Gourmet Pubs That Go Way Beyond Pub Grub In Dublin

Dublin’s Gourmet Pubs Go Way Beyond Pub Grub

With so much competition from other pubs and restaurants in the city, many of Dublin's pubs have seriously raised their game in recent years to make sure they keep the customers coming back. Whereas the landlords used to concentrate simply on the drinks that they served and the atmosphere in their pubs, they've now got a renewed emphasis on what kind of dining experience they offer their customers.

No longer do you expect a mediocre meal when you order pub food. You expect it to be good quality and perhaps even gourmet dining. To fit with the more laid-back atmosphere that most pubs have in comparison with restaurants, there's often a focus on American cuisine such as burgers, but they're generally cooked and served in style – whether you're eating in-house or getting them delivered to where you are.

Take a look at our top picks for 4 gourmet foods being served up in Dublin's pubs at the moment.

1. The 1859 Tower Burger

At The Bridge 1859, there's a sophisticated gastropub menu with each dish cooked using local Irish produce. The dinner menu - available after 5 pm - is refreshingly short; always a good sign when it comes to how well a restaurant kitchen prepares each of its dishes. Our pick is the 1859 Tower Burger - 8oz of prime Irish beef burger, topped with vintage cheddar, smoked bacon, beef tomato, pickles, lettuce and tobacco onions and served on a brioche bun. On the side, you'll get fries and a scrumptious peppercorn sauce.

2. Goats Cheese Salad

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For those times when you're thinking you ought to be healthy and not have a burger and onion rings, then you want to be able to order a salad that is not an afterthought but truly appetizing. Try the Goats Cheese Salad at HQ Restaurant & Gastrobar. It's a bed of mixed leaves, with mint, apple, candied walnuts, pomegranate and orange with Toonsbridge goats cheese and a citrus dressing drizzled over the top. Both healthy and delicious!

3. The Crispy Brie Sandwich

At Ugly Duckling @ The Hill, you can get some fantastic mega-sized American style sandwiches. We recommend The Crispy Brie - it's deep fried brie with slow cooked red onion, roasted tomato, rocket and lettuce. Topped with cranberry relish and mayo and served on a brioche bun, this is a sandwich where the filling is melt-in-the-mouth good.

4. Mixed Meat & Cheese Platter

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At the Cavern Wine Bar, they've got some fantastic cheese and meat platters that make for great sharing - if you've got a few friends round for the night or feeling particularly hungry! Try the Mixed Meat & Cheese Platter that's loaded with Salami Milano, Prosciutto Parma, Gubbeen Chorizo, Finocchiona, Morbier, Taleggio and Blue d'Auvergne. Alongside the meat and cheese, there are artisan breads, crackers and grapes, as well as Sheridan's Chutney. They'll even recommend the best wine to order with a particular platter.

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