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  2. Great evenings end with the best late night food Dublin can offer
For the best late night food, Dublin can’t be beaten

Great evenings end with the best late night food Dublin can offer

You know what it's like. You've had a great night out on the town but there's that nagging feeling that there's something you've forgotten. Then the realisation hits you – food! It's been hours since your last meal and you're ravenously hungry. But where to head for? Pizza or curry, burger or kebab? Well, one thing's for sure. When it comes to finding the best late night food, Dublin's certainly not short of alternatives. So, even if you can't make up your mind yourself, you could always try one of our five great suggestions.

1. A kebab could hit the spot

It's often the first food that springs to mind when you need to take on some late night nourishment, and why not? Kebabs are quick and easy, but all too often people settle for a dodgy doner when there's no need to, with great places to choose from like Damascus Gate.  Their Kebab-Jan is an altogether superior version of the classic with chargrilled skewers of spiced lamb served with aubergine, chickpeas, and tomato along with authentic Syrian flatbread. It's ace!

2. Classic fish and chips


There may be a craze going round at the moment for funky fries and crazy chips but you can keep all those when there's good old fish and chips on offer. Leo Burdock's been serving them up for over a century now so there's not much that they don't know about producing the perfect plateful. If you're feeling fancy go for the Heavenly Lemon Sole but also remember that their plain Cod And Chips is known as "the Dubliner's Caviar".

3. The perfect time for a pizza?

If it's meat and pizza that you're after then there's just one place for you, Belluci's. More specifically, you want to order the Quattro Carni from the Speciali Pizza section of their menu. The four meats in question are sausage, pepperoni, prosciutto and roast chicken and these are joined by tomato and basil sauce as well as a generous layer of mozzarella. It all adds up to a carnivore's dream pizza, whatever time of day you enjoy it.

4. You can't beat a burger


Then again, if you want a meaty treat Pete's are here to make you an offer you can't refuse. Their Cosa Nostra Burger would satisfy even Don Corleone himself with its brilliant combination of two 5 oz Irish beef patties, pesto aioli, Parma ham, scamorza cheese and more.

5. Full cooked breakfast anyone?


It could be that it's been such a good night that you're ready for breakfast. In which case, The Woollen Mills have plenty of options for you. You could keep things simple with their Poached Egg With Bacon Tomato & Brown Toast or go the whole hog with their Ha'penny Fry Up with sausage, bacon, black pudding, tomato and toast. After all, a big night out deserves an equally big breakfast.

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