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  2. Feast your eyes on these meaty pizza treats available in Galway
Meaty Pizza Feasts in Galway

Feast your eyes on these meaty pizza treats available in Galway

Say what you like about pizza, but it's not always the best choice for the out and out carnivores amongst us – that's more the job of burgers and steaks to satisfy our meat-eating appetites.

Well, up to a point it is.

While tomato sauce, cheese and other toppings like olives often come as standard on a pizza, there are also some real meaty feasts waiting for you out there -  as long as you look for them hard enough, or just browse Deliveroo's selections.

In actual fact, Galway's Italian takeaways do pretty well when it comes to loading their pizza bases with pork, chicken and beef, as you're soon going to discover.

1. The Wild Pig - McGinn's Hophouse

Let's start off at the famous McGinn's Hophouse where they've just the thing for a real swine of an appetite. Their Wild Pig pizza comes topped with the tomato and mozzarella that you'd expect, along with the real star of the show, beautifully tender pulled pork that has been cooked low and slow for hours and hours before being added to the feast. There's also the addition of a tangy red onion marmalade that's proven to be the perfect partner to the rich meat.

2. The Pepperoni - Venice

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It's a classic but it's not every restaurant that can make a pepperoni pizza quite as well as the team at Venice. They take great care to make sure that every element's perfect - from the thin, crisp base to the rich tomato sauce and creamy mozzarella topping. But the most important bit of all is the pepperoni that gives the pizza its name. It's added liberally and has just the right level of spice to add a kick without overpowering all the other flavours in the process.

3. The Pollo ad Astra - Milano

You might know the name of this pizza from a major pizza chain that we could mention, but the Milano version is, we think, even more tasty. It's a delicious mix of chicken, mildly spicy peppadew peppers, red onion, tomato, mozzarella and garlic oil with cajun spices to boost. Plus, if you are going to order from Milano, check out what offers they're running with Deliveroo at the time to save yourself some cash too.

4. Chicken Calzone - Da Roberta

For the uninitiated, the calzone is like an Italian pasty in which the pizza base has been folded over, sealing the contents inside. And what contents they are in this version from Da Roberta, with strips of chicken, sun dried tomatoes, mozzarella, feta and tomato sauce creating a rich and tasty filling.

5. The BBQ Carnivore - Woozza

We promised a real meat feast for you and here it is, courtesy of Woozza. There's chicken, sausage, beef, smoked bacon, cheese, red onion, black pepper and oregano all on a special BBQ base which is cooked to order in their famous wood-fired oven. The result, need we say, is simply sensational.

Can't wait to get your teeth into one of these meaty pizza feasts? They're just a few clicks away thanks to Deliveroo.

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