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  2. Heed the Call of Rome! Eat Posh with The Best Italian in Cork
Hail, Caesar! Chow Down on the Best Italian in Cork

Heed the Call of Rome! Eat Posh with The Best Italian in Cork

Ripe tomato, fragrant cheese and some of the most delectable cured meats in all the wide world: Italian cuisine is some of the best around, with pizza and pasta lovers in practically every country, city and household – and Cork is no exception. Whether you've a taste for creamy carbonara once a week or a pepperoni addiction that's got you craving from dawn till dusk, here at Deliveroo we're set to serve up a menu wide and varied. We've got warm, we've got tasty, we've got delicious. Forget the stove, forget washing up. Authentic Italian can be on your table within the hour. The only hard part is deciding what to eat! So, how about it? Fancy a slice or two?      

1. Pasta Pomodoro with Chorizo from Amicus

Penne tubes of pasta are made to slide onto the fork – so fill the tank and eat well with the Pasta Pomodoro with Chorizo from Amicus restaurant! Cooked to al dente perfection alongside fresh courgettes, salted green olives and fresh basil as garnish, this dish is good enough to warm through to the soul. An oregano sauce drapes between each blade and fresh tomato adds wholesome depth, each bite a balance between the powerful flavour of the chorizo and the subtler tones of the supporting vegetable cast.  


2. Pizza Bianca at Pompeii Pizza

With a base of Toons Bridge Irish Mozzarella, the Pizza Bianca from Pompeii Pizza in Cork does wonders to the tongue. Thinly sliced potato is set out as main topping with a hint of paprika heat, a peppering of crushed sea salt, a splash of olive oil and a parmesan and rosemary combo providing extra flavour. Simple, balanced and baked with love, each and every flavour has a chance to both come to the forefront in a bite and act as support for another. Not too rich, not at all meaty, go ahead and eat to your heart and tums content. Italian pizza done right.  

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3. The Antonio Calzone at Ristorante Rossini

Oh when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie! Take a seat and prep your belly: the Antonio Calzone at Ristorante Rossini is great as a filling lunch, snack or dinner. Tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese melt together in an age-old combination in this one, with light green spinach, fluffy egg and crisp bacon as the main folded toppings. Cut into the crust and take a breath – heat, savoury flavour and an appetite will all appear as the piping hot contents spill on out.    

4. Carbonara Pasta from Hey Presto

Carbonara! Served with either mushrooms or bacon as per your preference, this classic Italian dish is a creamy wonderland of egg, salty parmesan, guanciale and cracked black pepper. Easy to attempt but hard to master, the chefs from Hey Presto will be more than happy to show you how it's done. The al dente spaghetti plays off wonderfully on the light sauce, the seasonings add peaks of flavour here and there and the parmesan ensures you never forget: this is Italian and it's Italian that's made with love.

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Italy calls and top cuisine awaits! Order pizza, pasta and anything in between direct to your door with Deliveroo.

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