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  2. Here’s some fishy street food that could be right up your alley
Around the world with five seafood street food favourites

Here’s some fishy street food that could be right up your alley

Street food's a craze that's been big in Ireland for a few years now and more and more cuisines have been jumping on the bandwagon offering quick and easy bites to enjoy at any time of day. From Mexican takeaways to sushi bars and from Spanish to Vietnamese restaurants lots have also combined street food with seafood too and we've been on the lookout for some of the very best examples. Check them out and see if you agree with our choices.

1. Thai street food

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Prawns make for the perfect street food whether they're in a hot and spicy curry or served, like these, as a brilliant little finger food from Baan Thai. These Wrapped Prawns are delicious! Big and juicy tiger prawns are marinated in white wine and spices before being wrapped up in layers of filo pastry. Then they're deep fried before being served with their own special garlic dipping sauce. Just one taste and you'll be transported all the way to the street food stalls of Bangkok!

2. Mexican street food

In Italian they're calamari and in Mexico, they're just Crispy Squid. But, whatever you call them, they're 100% delicious. Tender squid rings are dipped in batter and served with chilli and garlic. Then, if you want to continue with the seafood theme, we'd recommend the Taco Taco Seafood Burrito that's stuffed with prawn, crab, lettuce, black eyed beans, cheese and a spicy creole sauce. It's a real hunger-buster.

3. Japanese street food

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You might not think of sushi in terms of street food but it certainly does tick all the boxes. You can eat it with your hands. It's bite-sized. And it's indisputably tied to one particular cuisine. You'll also find some of Ireland's finest examples of this delicacy at Aoki Sushi. Of the hundred or so varieties on their menu, it's the Salmon Cream Cheese Avocado that really stands out in terms of flavour.  Try it and you'll soon see why.

4. Cuban street food

As you'd expect, there's a lot of cultural crossover between Spanish and Cuban food and this is perfectly demonstrated at Havana where the dishes are equal parts tapas and street food. Fantastic examples of these are their Fishcakes. Seasoned with mint, red pepper and spring onions and served with mixed salad leaves and a garlic mayo dip, they're another finger food that's so moreish you'd be better off doubling your order.

5. Vietnamese street food

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If there was a prize for the most beautiful-looking street food then Pang's Prawn And Mango Rice Paper Rolls would surely be the champion. It's the way that you can see the delicious filling through the translucent rice paper wrapping that really helps you to eat with your eyes. Of course, that's nothing compared with the flavours that greet you when you bite into these tasty morsels. But you'll just have to try them for yourself to see exactly what we mean!

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