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  2. Peak TV: 9 Great Snacks to Binge Watch with
Peak TV: 9 Great Snacks to Binge Watch with

Peak TV: 9 Great Snacks to Binge Watch with

It's official, we've reached peak TV. There's never been a better time to sink into your couch and delve deep into the best drama, comedy, thriller or fantasy that has you hitting play on the Netflix button. While choosing the right series to keep you hooked is one aspect, getting in the right food beside you is another. So we've gathered all the best TV binge watch favourites for you right here on Deliveroo. All you need to do is hit play and remember, your food is less than one episode away.

  1. Parmesan & Truffle Oil Fries, Farmer Browns

A post shared by Snooze (@suziesfotos) on

Whether you're cosying up with bae or chilling on your own, what you need is heavenly food easily devoured with your hands while you're catching up on multiple episodes of your new must-see. Look no further - these incredible truffle fries are so luxurious you'll feel flyer than the gals from Broad City.  

Where: Rathmines, Sandymount 

2. The Chili Cheese Dog, The Chili Shack

Binge watching ain't easy and the only certainty is that you will need sustenance to make it through an entire season. So make sure you've got some deeply tantalising snacks arriving at the door like this chili cheese dog, loaded with more fillings than Game of Thrones has characters.

Where: Dublin, Galway 

3. Nachos, Saburritos

Group-watching the season finale or just Netflix binging with mates? Cheesy Nachos, loaded with as much guacamole and salsa as you can muster are a key component of any TV watching experience and make perfect munching bites for enjoying that weekend marathon.

Where: Dame Street, North Earl Street, Swords 

4. Dough Balls, Milano

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Easy to share (and even easier just to scoff on your own), Milano's perfectly light dough balls with garlic butter are the perfect lazy day TV-watching grub. Whether you're more American Horror Story, Westworld or Veep however is a choice we can't help you with.

Where: Dawson Street, IFSC, Grand Canal, Ballsbridge, Ranelagh, Temple Bar, Dundrum, Dun Laoghaire, Galway, Cork, Limerick

5. Chicken Tenders, Rocket's

A post shared by ROCKET'S (@rocketshamburgers) on

Crispy and snack-friendly, chicken tenders make great TV food and not just because they're impeccably tasty. Cajun sauce and garlic mayo on one side, cold drink on the other, you've got yourself the perfect scenario to deep dive the next best series.

Where: Dublin (IFSC), Dublin (Baggot Street), Dublin (Dun Laoghaire)

6. Pizza Slice, Pizza Napoli

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From Joey Tribbiani to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, some of our favourite onscreen characters have adored pizza so it's simply a no-brainer when it comes to a massive TV binge. It's classic couch food too which means you won't even have to miss a second of twists and turns while eating.

Where: Galway 

7. Fried Gyoza Dumplings, Koto

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Crispy, golden brown and absolutely delicious, fried gyoza dumplings with pandan sauce are ideal dip & share nosh for hibernating through a rainy day with your new boxset obsession.

Where: Cork

8. Fish Finger Buttie, SMS Cervi

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Forget the influx of tired new shows, sometimes vintage is better baby! Revisit old favourites like The OC, Dawson's Creek or Buffy with the ultimate nostalgic dish, the fish finger buttie. Enjoy it with crushed peas and think of simpler times, when all you cared about was that Seth would end up with Summer!

Where: Dublin

9. Salami Pizza, La Dolce Vita

If you've volunteered to host the next Walking Dead viewing party, you better come through with the goods. You won't go too wrong with this mouth-watering pepperoni creation covered in mozzarella and ovenfired to perfection.

Where: Cork 

If you're having a viewing party for 6 or a glorious solo TV binge watch, make it a must-see experience with Deliveroo.

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