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  2. Super spinach in Galway - Try these 5 superfood delights in Galway
A Classic Superfood - Best Spinach Dishes in Galway

Super spinach in Galway - Try these 5 superfood delights in Galway

There's a very good reason why at the first sight of any trouble from Bluto, Popeye always reached for his trusty can of spinach, squeezed it open, poured it in his mouth and saw his biceps bulge.

Spinach has long been one of the vegetables that nutritionists recommend for anyone who needs to add some iron to their diet, not to mention vitamins A, C, K and B2 as well as manganese and magnesium too.

When you think about it, there's no wonder that this leafy superfood crops up in so many different cuisines, not just Indian. The fact that it can grow all year round and in virtually any climate except the very hottest makes it an essential, almost universal ingredient too.

So if you want to give your system a boost, as well as taste some really delicious dishes from around the world that feature it as one of their main ingredients, then read on!

1. Pizza Fiorentina - Milano

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In Italian cooking, whenever you see the word "Fiorentina" in a recipe it always means there's  pinach as a key ingredient and that's because that a lot of it is grown around Florence. At Milano, it's the star of their pizza where it's joined by tomato, mozzarella, black olives, garlic oil and a baked free-range egg – another classic accompaniment to spinach.

2. Sag Curry - Falguni

Sometimes spelt "saag", the Sag curry is a classic of Northern Indian cuisine which combines plentiful quantities of spinach with onions and a rich sauce. In Falguni's version of the dish, the spicing is mild to medium and there's the choice of whichever meat you prefer. The result is a creamy dish that also packs in a lot of flavour thanks to the tantalising mix of other herbs and spices they include.

3. Tiger Prawns Tagliatelle - High Café

Hightail it down to the High Café and you'll find another Italian dish that makes liberal use of the superfood that is spinach. Their Tiger Prawns Tagliatelle combines it with succulent prawns in a creamy white sauce with garlic, olives, tomatoes and onion to create a real treat for the taste buds.

4. Aloo Saag - Curry and Spice

Curry and Spice use spinach in a number of their dishes including the very popular vegetarian side of Aloo Saag. This has chunks of boiled potato mixed in with the spinach and is delicately spiced to create a mild accompaniment that goes perfectly with virtually any curry. For an even bigger spinach hit go for the Paneer Saag, a mixture of mild Indian cheese and spinach which you'll also find is a real speciality of one of Cork's best Indian restaurants, Bombay Palace.

5. Ravioli Del Contadino - Venice Restaurant

More often used to stuff tortellini, here spinach is used to great effect in Venice Restaurant's Ravioli Del Contadino. Mixed with mild ricotta cheese and served with pan-fried bacon, courgettes, garlic and pesto in a parmesan sauce it certainly gets the thumbs up from us.

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