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  2. Get out the cake stand! Dublin's tastiest cakeaways are here!
Dublin's Finest Cakes Available For Delivery

Get out the cake stand! Dublin's tastiest cakeaways are here!

Is there anything more delightful than afternoon tea? The dainty little sandwiches, milk delicately poured from a jug, sugar lumps served with silver tongs, they all combine to create a ritual that even that other tea-loving nation, the Japanese would admire. But most exciting part of it all is the grand arrival of a generous chunk of cake. It's the sheer indulgence of knowing that a great big slice of it will soon be presented to us. Then it's a question of diving into that divine, moist and flavoursome treat.

Some of us are even good at making the cakes ourselves, maybe not Great British Bake Off good but quite capable of rustling up a teatime treat. But if you want the hassle-free way to achieve this then there are plenty of places in Dublin who can oblige. So next time you fancy leaving the work to someone else remember that you can always rely on the city's bakeries and takeaways to provide you with that perfect excuse to enjoy a slice or two of any of these sweet delights.

1. Victoria Sponge - Cake Café

Let's start off with this classic from the very appropriately named Cake Café. The two-layer Victoria sponge sandwiches raspberry jam and freshly-whipped cream and is topped with fresh raspberries too as well as a light sprinkling of icing sugar. It's plain and simple, and for true cake devotees, it really can't be beaten.

2. Courgette Cake with Citrus Curd and Cream Cheese Icing - Slice

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Over at Slice there's an unusual offering for those of us who want to get at least one of our five a day from the cake we're eating. Their secret is to incorporate grated courgette into the sponge which also serves to make it very moist. Then, to add an acidic touch of flavour, they fill it with citrus curd and top it with sweetened cream cheese icing.

3. Lemon and Pistachio Cake - Tasty 8

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If you'd like to savour some more Middle Eastern flavours then this delicious offering from Tasty 8 should be perfect. The tang of the lemon is offset by the nutty sweetness of the pistachio in, to quote Mary Poppins, the most delightful way.

4. Carrot Cake - Café Bliss

Bliss will be just what you'll experience when you try this carrot cake from the café appropriately named, well, Cafe Bliss. Just like Slice's courgette cake, the carrots add a real moistness to the sponge, not to mention helping you to see in the dark. The cream cheese icing also adds a layer of sweetness that really makes the cake, too.

5. American Chocolate Cake - Cinnamon

We couldn't have a roundup of sublime sponges without including at least one chocolate variety, and what an indulgent one this is, courtesy of Cinnamon. The rich chocolate sponge also has buttercream icing - or frosting as they say in the States - and definitely couldn't be eaten as part of anyone's calorie-controlled diet!

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