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  2. Whether It's Ribeye or New York Strip Steak, Get These Meatilicious Feasts Delivered Straight to Your Door
The Best Steakhouses in Dublin for that Perfect Cut of Steak

Whether It's Ribeye or New York Strip Steak, Get These Meatilicious Feasts Delivered Straight to Your Door

Dublin is a melting pot of ethnic cuisines, where you can find something suitable for every taste: from sushi and Asian to the best Italian, the city truly has it all. And with the strong bonds that tie Ireland and the US, it's no wonder some of the country's best steakhouses are located in Dublin. There are exceptional American restaurants elsewhere too, but if you want the best steak and perfectly cooked, your best shout are the fantastic steakhouses to be found all across Dublin.

1. Ribeye Steak

According to diehard fanatics, the ultimate king of steaks is the ribeye – and in Herbstreet you can find the perfect combo. Their ribeye steak is aged for 28 days before they cook it the way you like it and dish it up alongside crispy green beans, heartwarming country-style potatoes and an ingenious combination of chimichurri and béarnaise sauce. Located in the upper rib cage area of the animal, the ribeye cut gets little physical exercise meaning it remains tender and succulent. Its characteristic marbling makes sure flavour is allocated throughout the steak and renders it the perfect candidate for flash pan cooking. Which, by the way, Herbstreet nails.

2. New York Strip Steak

There are many rumours that the classic American hamburger is the New York beef serving of choice but that's simply not true. The Big Apple even has a steak cut named after it: the famous New York Strip Steak, said to have been devised in the 19th century in the renowned Delmonico's restaurant in NYC. If you are not inclined to travel that far any time soon, you can try One Bistro's take on this famous dish: they serve their specialty 10oz strip steak with a side of golden French fries, topped with crispy smoked streaky bacon and a whole fried egg – it doesn't get any more classic than this!

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3. T-Bone Steak

The T-bone is one cut you don't find so easily, but those who've tried it swear by it. The flavour is somehow fuller and richer, thanks to the perfect marbling in this premium cut from the short loin, while the T-shaped bone that gives it its name helps hold the meat and the taste together during cooking. In La Caverna, one of the best specialised steakhouses in Dublin, they let the steak speak for itself: they use only Irish Angus T-bone and they serve it with a side of home-made fries, either simply with garlic or slathered in their signature pepper sauce. Irish born and Irish bred, carnivores Dublin wide will love this one.

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4. Fillet

The original ultimate steak, fillet or tenderloin remains the most tender cut you can get. There is only a certain small amount of fillet produced from each animal, which makes this steak all the more precious. You can get it in its Italian spin in Unicorn, an amazing restaurant specialising in dishes from the peninsula and one of the greatest steakhouses in Dublin. Filleto di Manzo translates to succulent 8oz Hereford fillet cooked with wild mushrooms, fresh truffle, classic peppercorn sauce and their signature roast thyme and garlic shallots tart. What a feast!

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