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  2. Roar, Carnivore! Chow Down on Four of the Best Steaks in Dublin
Go Carnivore! Feast on 4 of the Best Steaks in Dublin

Roar, Carnivore! Chow Down on Four of the Best Steaks in Dublin

Are you ready, carnivores? We've got four of the best steak cuts in Dublin lined up and ready for you to peruse at your leisure. Whether you like your meat red and rare, standard medium or blackened at the edges, the Deliveroo menu has got it all. With sides of crisp fries and fresh cut salad, these four meals come courtesy of master chefs and restaurants from all around the city – from local striploin to Argentinian, this is great beef cooked to absolute perfection and treated with care. Seasoned, drizzled, sauced – it's the base that counts. Sounds good, huh? Then let's get cracking.      

1. Sirloin Steak from Luigi Malones

The all American classic – meat and potatoes! The 10oz Sirloin Steak from the Luigi Malones kitchen is a great hunk of beef cooked through to your preference on the fire of a chargrill Inka, each iron bar searing and sizzling for even greater flavour. Served with a choice of crisp fries or mellow potatoes, onions or mushrooms and peppercorn or garlic butter sauce, you can mix and match this one till the sun goes down. 100% Irish beef, 100% delicious. Eat sitting down, standing up or hunched over an open fire like a true caveman – we're not one to judge.  

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2. The Argentinian Steak Sandwich at Peperina

Another sirloin, another great steak, this time on a bed of ciabatta, thick cut beef tomato, fried egg and rocket aioli. The Argentinian Steak Sandwich from the international pro chefs at Peperina is a towering dish of flavour and aesthetic. If you feel up to a challenge then wrap your hands around and take a bight – a big, juicy, steak bite. Warning: knife and fork may be needed to depending on size of mouth. Oh, and a napkin. You'll probably need a napkin, too. Mega food. Mega flavour.  

3. 8oz Rib-Eye by The Lansdowne

One of their most popular dishes, the 8oz Rib-Eye from The Lansdowne restaurant is a pub grub take on steak itself. Enjoy with fresh draft beer, wine and sides as you slice your way through this beautiful steak one buttery cut at a time. Rib-eye is thought of as one of the tastiest and deeply flavoured pieces of meat around and the selection from The Lansdowne is certainly testament to that belief.  

4. Hereford Striploin from Farmer Browns

Up last: the 21 day aged Hereford Striploin steak from Farmer Browns. This one is a titan of a meal – the chunk of beef itself is almost food enough! Tender, marbled and full of taste it's prepped alongside beer-battered onion rings, a tangy pepper sauce and an ever-classic portion of French fries. Organic salad and ripe vine tomatoes add some additional colour and zest – so order up and try a mouthful or two. Rotate that palette between the crunch of soft potatoes, the mineral tang of beef and the freshness of the field. You won't regret it.    

Embrace your inner carnivore! Get the best steak in Dublin town delivered straight to your door with Deliveroo.

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