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The Hottest Spots in Ireland's Sushi Scene

The hottest spots in Ireland's sushi scene

The great thing about sushi is that it's perfect virtually any time of day. You can have it for a quick lunch or a between-meals snack, or even for your tea.

It's also a healthier kind of fast food with fresh ingredients that have been combined to create some real taste sensations. Then there's the kick that some soy sauce, pickled ginger or wasabi can add – so sushi can be simple but never bland.

Best of all, there are lots of sushi hotspots all around Ireland and here are seven of the very best of them.


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Eatokyo is one of Dublin's hottest new Japanese restaurants which has brought the authentic taste of the East to the city. Come along and you'll soon see why bloggers have been going wild about it. The sushi section of the menu is huge with the choice of three sizes of sushi roll as well as more unusual ingredients like octopus, squid and eel.  


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Bruce is your host at this great little sushi bar and Japanese restaurant tucked away on Dublin's Townsend Street. Kuraudo specialities include Nigiri Sushi, Sashimi and Noromaki. For really great value and variety go for the Omokase Sushi Selection that contains 14 separate pieces of sushi or the Sashimi Selection with 16 pieces of fresh fish, perfect for when there's a group of you all hungry for sushi.


Fujiyama is the third of our Dublin recommendations. On Upper O'Connell Street, in the heart of the city, the restaurant prides itself on using only the freshest and best ingredients prepared by their own expert sushi chefs. The result, they say, is the very best sushi that you'll find not just in Dublin but all over Ireland.

Maki Sushi

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In the English Market in Cork, you'll find a corner that is quintessentially Japanese and where you'll enjoy some very fine sushi indeed. Maki Sushi offers all the favourites you'd expect, plus there's even a vegan alternative featuring avocado, cucumber, red cabbage, carrots and a tahini miso dressing.

Dashi Sushi

Also in Cork you'll find the very popular Dashi Sushi which specialises in sushi platters to give you choice and value in equal measures. Futomaki or Fish, Chumaki or their special Bento Box, whichever you choose is sure to be a big hit and they're really good value too.


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Whether you like your Norimaki rolled in seaweed or plain Nudo you'll be spoilt for choice at Limerick's Taikichi. For something even more special go for the Dragon Roll, a tasty bite of deep fried jumbo tiger prawn with avocado, mayo and wasabi sauce.


Kyoto's aim is to give the people of Limerick the most authentic Japanese eating and dining experience possible so you can expect the sushi that's prepared by their expert chefs to be the genuine article. For a really exciting option, try the flying fish roe.

If you're ready to be surprised by just how delicious and inventive sushi can be, then trust Deliveroo to show you the way.

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