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Best Sushi Restaurants in Dublin

4 of the best sushi restaurants in Dublin

The Irish embrace of sushi is like that person at a party who showed up late but, wow, they're taking over the dance floor.

With awesome Japanese restaurants popping up all over, it's clear that here in Ireland we have a taste for the raw fish dish. And with our beautiful coast lines and bursting seafood markets, is it really that much of a surprise?

1. Aoki Sushi

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Whether you want hot or cold, light or filling, Aoki Sushi has got you covered.

They've got all sorts to choose from here, so if you're a bit overwhelmed by the menu the chef's specials are a great place to start. We love their Rainbow Rolls, the classic California-style roll sporting a variety of fresh sashimi arranged in alternating colours. If you're a seasoned sushi expert go for the Unagi special with salty eel, or the Spider Soft Shell Crab. Whatever you choose, you're going to leave this place with a smile on your face.

Where: Aoki Sushi, Dublin 2

2. Eatokyo

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Eatokyo is where you head if you're after truly authentic Japanese cuisine in inner-city Dublin.

Using locally sourced Irish beef, chicken, and fresh fish and seafood, the place brings the best of Ireland and Japan together. With classics ranging from salty Pickled Mackerel to silky Fried Tofu and fresh sizzled octopus, they've got just about everything here. If you're feeling extra fancy, check out the a la carte sushi, for a truly decadent Japanese-inspired feast.  

Where: Eatokyo,Temple bar

3. Kyoto Sushi and Noodle

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The Kyoto Sushi and Noodle kitchen stands by two things – traditional cooking methods and using the freshest fish possible. Though inspired by all things Japanese – the fish comes from a lot closer to home, using locally sourced seafood.

If you're searching for your classics like the California Roll with succulent crab meat, the Salmon Avocado roll with all its good, rich oils, or the Dragon King Roll with crispy jumbo tiger prawns, look no further.

Where: Kyoto Sushi and Noodle, Dun Laoghaire

4. Banyi Japanese Dining

Your sushi craving has met its match. The good people behind Banyi Japanese Dining are sushi lovers themselves, and it shows in every perfectly presented parcel. Serving hand-crafted sushi and nigiri and melt-in-your-mouth sashimi, it's easy to see why this restaurant is an award-winner.

One of the most popular rolls is the Dragon Roll, with pieces of deep fried breaded jumbo prawn, creamy avocado and hot wasabi mayo. But if you want some variety, the aburi platter is the one for you – eight pieces of flamed nigiri that brings a rich smokiness to the delicate meat.  

Where: Banyi Japanese Dining, Temple Bar

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