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5 Cheesy Valentine’s Day Ideas for Pizza In Limerick

If You're Looking For Valentine’s Day Ideas In Limerick These Pizzas Take Some Topping!

How are you planning to treat your beloved on February 14th? Will there be roses, champagne and chocolates? A card that's too big to get through the letterbox? Maybe even a gift or two? Well if these are your Valentine's Day ideas we'd suggest thinking about something completely different – give pizza instead!

Why? Well for one reason it comes from the country famous for romance and passion. And for another it's different from the things everyone else is doing. But where to find the perfect pizza for the year's most romantic night? Luckily, you'll be spoilt for choice for pizza in Limerick and here are just a few suggestions about what to order if you want their hearts to melt like the finest mozzarella.

1. Cheese Feast - Pizza Hut

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At the risk of being figuratively cheesy – which is optional for you on the night – our first suggestion is this classic from an old favourite, Pizza Hut. It comes with a blend of three different cheeses plus your choice of two extra toppings. So whether you want to make it into a meaty treat or stick to veggie alternatives like mushrooms, sweetcorn or peppers is totally up to you and your Valentine. Either way, this one's a real heart-melter.

2. Four Seasons - Da Vincenzo


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To show your love will be forever, the Four Seasons from Da Vincenzo would be the perfect choice. Its toppings of bufala mozzarella, ham, mushrooms and salami are not only divine and delicious but they are chosen to represent the four seasons of the year – so hopefully you'll be sharing the same meal together again in Spring, Summer and Autumn, too.

3. Verdure - La Cucina

To help the romance stay evergreen then perhaps the Verdure would be the perfect menu choice. The name means "greens" in Italian and you'll find that at La Cucina they certainly do load the 12" base with a tantalising selection of roasted Italian vegetables. "But where is the cheese?" I hear you cry. Never fear: this glory from the garden is all topped off with delicate shavings of parmesan cheese to the satisfaction of Limerick's biggest cheese-lovers.

4. Pizza Contutto - La Piccola


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If you want to impress with the sheer number of toppings, then the Contutto from La Piccola really has got the lot.  With ham, pepperoni, pineapple, sweetcorn, mushrooms and peppers it's the sort of pizza that's so loaded that it's perfect to share – and even better if you're planning to keep it all to yourself. Who's telling?

5. Diavolo - Milano

Let's end this round-up with a pizza that's as fiery and memorable as your true love. Milano's Diavolo comes with spiced beef, pepperoni, mozzarella, tomato, green pepper, red onion and spicy sauce, plus your choice of chilli peppers to create a pizza that will inflame the senses in every way. This one's packed full of desire – it's Valentine's Day after all.

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