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Fancy some vegetable soup? Here are our top of the pots

Spoons at the ready for some super hearty vegetable soups

There's something about soup that makes it one of the most satisfying meals to be had. Maybe it's because it's so very simple to make that it lets the flavours shine through and helps you feel the good that every single spoonful does you. It's also something you'll find on virtually every single vegetarian menu and features in almost every cuisine. So we've had a good look round to find you some of very best vegetable soups around. Here are four amazing examples and now all you have to do is enjoy them!

1. Raw Carrot, Avocado and Garlic Soup - Cornucopia  

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Ever since 1986, Cornucopia have been a big name in Dublin's vegetarian food scene and over the years they've continually refreshed the menu with exciting new dishes and tantalising new combinations of flavours. A fantastic case in point is their Raw Carrot, Avocado and Garlic Soup. It's positively bursting with good things and it's one of the very few soups you'll ever come across that also includes that superfood favourite, avocado. It's served chilled so it's quite like a cross between a soup and a healthy smoothie. You also have the option for a standard serving or choose to go large instead.

2. Seasonal Vegetable Soup - Sprout & Co  

Next up is a decidedly hearty soup, courtesy of Sprout & Co. Whether you go for their 12 oz or mega 16 oz serving, you'll be enjoying a soup that they make every day from the very best market-fresh vegetables. As the name tells you, they only use seasonal produce for ingredients, so it changes all round the year: from the fresh flavours of the Spring to the heartier and earthier ones of the autumn. But from January through to December, it always hits the spot.

3. Leek and Potato Soup - The Organic Kitchen

Can there be a more traditional vegetable soup than good old leek and potato? Just three ingredients – the two vegetables and a rich stock – plus a little seasoning go to make it one of the simplest, too. But the expertise with which The Organic Kitchen make it, creates a bowl with real depth and complexity of flavours. So if you want a deeply satisfying bowlful of a rich, thick soup then this is where you'll find it.

4. Tofu and Mushroom Soup - Hilan Chinese and Korean Restaurant  

For our fourth soup we're looking at a more exotic variety and one so packed with goodness that it would put most veggie side dishes to shame. So step forward Hilan Chinese and Korean Restaurant with this tofu and mushroom-packed treat that's full of protein and absolutely delicious. What makes this truly special is the way the tofu absorbs all the other flavours and turns the light broth into a truly substantial starter.

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