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Best Veggie Breakfasts

Rise and shine: 5 of the best veggie breakfasts

When morning comes around, you don't always fancy cooking up something hearty and wholesome for yourself. We've all grabbed a coffee with one foot out the door, but there's a whole new world of breakfasts out there, with all sorts of veggie friendly goodies up for grabs. From Dublin to Galway, when you're looking for breakfast at your desk or brunch on the weekend, here's where to hit up first.

1. Avocado Toast, Borlottie Breakfast

For a breakfast joint that offers you the best of everything, it's a tough to pick out one dish to be the Don. With egg pots and smoothies, porridge and yoghurt, you're really spoilt for choice at Borlottie Breakfast. But, as one of the most popular dishes they do, you guys have spoken. Once again avocado toast takes centre stage. Crushed avocados, a slither of lemon juice and sun-dried tomatoes make toast extra special. And if you're feeling in the mood, you can even add an egg.

Where: Borlottie Breakfast, Dublin

2. American Pancakes, De Calf Café

Sometimes, you just don't want to focus on getting in your 5-a-day. Instead, you just a good dose of comfort food. And on days like that, you order pancakes from De Calf Café. Whipped up American style, find these fluffy pancakes big, beautiful and topped with all of the best. Smothered in maple syrup, dressed with fruit compote and served with whipped cream on the side, that's Sunday brunch sorted.

Where: De Calf Café, Cork

3. Homemade Granola, The Woollen Mills

When you're trying stay in shape, you might be looking for that perfect breakfast balance that fills you up but also makes you feel good. Enter, granola. A breakfast classic and ideal for mornings when you need a little boost, The Woollen Mills are your go-to to order from. Not only is their granola homemade, but it comes complete with a tasty yoghurt pot and a berry compote to satisfy your sweet tooth healthy style.

Where: The Woollen Mills, Dublin

4. Mixed Berries Smoothie, Jungle Cafe

On mornings that you want to nourish your body, but don't have time for a full on meal, order a smoothie. But don't just order any smoothie, go for one of the four show-stoppers from Jungle Cafe. Strawberry & Banana is the ideal sweet treat, Mixed Berries gives you a boost, and Tropical Fruit send you off into the sun. And for when you want a health kick, their banana, avocado, olive oil and porridge packed Vitamin Smoothie has you covered.

Where: Jungle Cafe, Galway

5. Banana and Pecan Muffin, Fallon & Byrne Deli

Busy mornings can often call for breakfast at your desk, or even in a meeting. But don't pack a sad snack and let it set your tone for the day. Instead, a pastry is the perfect option. And when you order from Fallon & Byrne Deli, you know it's fresh and full of flavour. With a classic Croissant, wholesome Pain Au Raisin and Banana and Pecan Muffin to choose from, your day will always start off in style.

Where: Fallon & Byrne Deli, Dublin

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