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  2. Bowls for days! Healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner
4 trendy veggie bowls for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Bowls for days! Healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner

A bowl for breakfast, a bowl for lunch, a bowl for dinner – and a snack in between! It's out with boring old plates and in with a new bowl craze for this list. From trendy new Poké to granola morning crunch, we've got a healthy meal for every food occasion. In need of your five-a-day? On a calorie budget but in search of great flavour nonetheless? Then simply look below, oh humble hunter-gatherer. These four dishes are as dense as nutrition can get. Oh so tasty, oh so healthy! Only the best for your tum, spoon fed at your leisure.        

1. Granola Bowl - Póg

Granola at home never tasted so good! This is breakfast fibre and health cranked way up to the max. With Greek yoghurt, diced fruit and generally yumminess as accompaniment, the Granola Bowl from Póg in Dublin is the awesome first entry to our list. Freshen up and wake up with the take-out version of this beauty. Long gone are the days of a Danish and coffee to keep you going till noon – long live balanced bowls containing everything you need to push through those early morning meetings. Slow release energy, creamy goodness, a zingy citrus crunch. So yum.    

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2. The Acai Smoothie Bowl from Eathos

Breakfast, snack, lunch? Let's go with brunch. This time round we're talking toasted quinoa granola, a little passionfruit, coconut chunks and cacao nibs, even a dash and dab of bee pollen just for zest. The Acai Smoothie Bowl from Eathos is exactly what it says on the tin: a mixed up mashup of health with a focus on the acai fruit as centrepiece. One of the richest antioxidant foods around, this is a pick me up like no other. Get it quick, get it easy. Your health is our priority.

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3. The Protein Grain Bowl from Sprout & Co

It's lunch time, an hour of opportunity. When it comes to the Protein Grain Bowl from Sprout & Co, customers are encouraged to master their own culinary fate. Choose one protein, one green, one grain and two veggies, then watch the dressing and deliciousness bring it all together. These guys place a focus on the Irish seasons: all their ingredients are fresh, recent and local. From the fields to the kitchen to your bowl. Efficient! So, what's it gonna be? Raw and vegan? Or with a chicken crown atop your leafy bed?

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4. Ahi Poké by Klaw PoKé

Here, fishy fishy. Asia is calling, and she wants to treat you to the recent trend of Poké goodness. As light and airy as some of our earlier meals have been, dinner should be solid food, right? Cue a tuna and house Ponzu mix, with Sunomono cucumber, chuka wakame, pickled ginger and brown rice to boot. That's the Ahi Poké by the kitchen chefs at Klaw! Fibrous, wholesome, healthy and filling. This is balanced food made the right way, with no excess and no frivolous extras.  

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