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6 Fab Breakfast Choices to Start the Day in the Best Possible Way

6 Fab Breakfast Choices to start the Day in the Best Possible Way

It's the most important meal of the day and lays down the energy stores that are going to help you excel at whatever's in store for you. But you don't want to go using up any of that energy by preparing it yourself so why not treat yourself to a breakfast to go and get Deliveroo to bring it to you while you get ready for the day ahead?

There are loads of places just waiting to kick-start your day whether you want to go down the veggie route or need some meat to really get your motor running.

Breakfast Meeting Fuel, Fallon & Byrne

Brought to you from Fallon & Byrne in Exchequer Street, Dublin, this is a continental breakfast with a difference. You can take your pick and make up any combination of six separate items from a list that includes pain au raisin, pain au chocolat, croissants and chocolate twists. Share them with colleagues or keep them to yourself - it's up to you.

Paleo Egg Pot, Póg

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Póg means "kiss" in gaelic and their Paleo Egg Pot is a great way to welcome the day by doing your body a real favour. The dish has been put together to work with a high protein paleo diet so there's the choice of whole eggs or just egg whites together with chorizo, red onions and spinach to create a high-energy, zero carb breakfast that looks as good as it tastes.

Smoked Haddock Brandade Croquettes, The Woollen Mills

You might think that fish is an odd choice for breakfast, but you won't once you've sampled this deliciously different option from The Woollen Mills in Dublin's Ormond Quay. The croquettes containing tasty flakes of smoked haddock are deep-fried and served with beetroot relish and a poached egg. Now all this should certainly see you all the way through till lunchtime.

American Pancakes, De Calf Café

No list of breakfast treats would be complete without mentioning a fantastic stack of American-style pancakes and in Cork's De Calf Café you'll find a sublime example of this classic morning treat. You'll get three freshly-made pancakes topped with whipped cream, maple syrup and fruit compote, or treat yourself to a side of bacon. Simply delicious!

Home Made Granola, Farmer Browns

For a high-energy start to the day then how about Farmer Browns' special homemade granola? It's full of nutty goodness and comes with seasonal fruit and honey and vanilla yoghurt

Power Egg Pot, Borlottie Breakfast

If you want to go to work on an egg this really can't be beaten, if you'll excuse the double pun. There are two beautifully poached eggs, caramelised onions, roast peppers and mixed beans in a fantastic combination. In short, it's the perfectly balanced way to get going in the morning from Borlottie Breakfast.

Let the Deliveroo drivers be the first people to knock on your door in the morning to help you get the very best start to the day, every day.

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