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  2. Perfect pairings - these Dublin sauces will make any chicken dish divine
Dublin's Tastiest Chicken Dish Accompaniments

Perfect pairings - these Dublin sauces will make any chicken dish divine

There truly is nothing more heavenly than a creamy, spicy or savoury sauce to lure you right into the perfect chicken meal! The right sauce on the right dish opens up a whole new world of delicious experiences and delightful tastes. With that being said, check out some of the most delectable sauces served with chicken guaranteed to have you licking your lips (and plate) clean right here in Dublin!

1. Peri-Peri Sauce - Nandos

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Starting us off with the ever-famous Nando's, no list of chicken sauce is complete without their prized South African-inspired peri-peri sauce. The Chicken Butterfly is a perfect example of fresh and flame-grilled chicken drenched and marinated in their spicy sauce for 24 hours to make sure every juicy drop is absorbed for that riveting flavour for which they're known so well. Nando's peri-peri sauce only gets better with each order, and depending on your choice of spice levels you can navigate through the sauces you prefer with a little help from their fun PERI-ometer. Every succulent bite will have you reaching for more of that delicious sauce- and now you get all that Nando's goodness sent straight to your dinner table!

2. Cajun Sauce and Garlic Mayo - Rocket's

Using only the highest quality ingredients in their food with every dish made-to-order for a guaranteed fresh taste every time, Rocket's presents great Western dishes of all sorts. Burgers, milkshakes and everything in between is available just around the corner at this hotspot. Their chicken tenders are exciting and crisped-to-perfection, but the best part is the fiery-hot Cajun sauce they serve alongside them. Since these spicy gems are made with cayenne peppers, it might help to cool things down a bit with their a simply delicious Garlic Mayo dip - and is essential for those unable to handle the heat! Be sure to try both of these fantastic sauces with your chicken tenders and you're guaranteed to enjoy every last bite!

3. Blue Cheese Sauce - Bobo's

Serving up more Western wonders is Bobo's Burgers, a local favourite. Their chicken wings are scrumptiously spicy and cooked up in one of three flavours of your choosing, including BBQ classic wings, the ultimate spicy option, or a milder taste with their sweet chilli choice. Presented with every searing hot plate of chicken wings from Bobo's are fresh celery sticks and a divine blue cheese sauce, the perfect cooling dip to add a perfect touch to each wing and give it the refreshing feeling we all crave.

4. New York Buffalo Sauce - Smokin' Bones

Smokin Bones started off as a small shack at a festival and has quickly grown to prepare and deliver their own authentic smoked and grilled recipes with fantastic dips and sauces to satisfy far and wide. Their deviously delicious wings are easily some of the spiciest and fiercest wings you'll find, cooked to perfection and served with a variety of sauces like the Blazin' Chicken Wings. Smothered in a classic buffalo or New York hot sauce with an added kick to deliver that fiery flavour, one plate of these and you'll be sweating in your seat! Don't miss out on this great sauce and others offered at Smokin' Bones next time you order!

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