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  2. A Mac ‘n’ Cheese Feast to Knock Your Socks Off in Dublin    
From lobster to truffle! Our top macaroni cheese meltdowns  

A Mac ‘n’ Cheese Feast to Knock Your Socks Off in Dublin    

Some recipes are just good for the soul. When the weather sucks, when life has got you down, when you're starving for something decent – cue a wholesome bowl of macaroni cheese. There's nothing quite like a serving or two of molten beauty in times of need and here at Deliveroo we've even found a way to turn the old classic into something new. How does a shaved truffle topping sound? A seafood mix extraordinaire? The fact is, mac 'n' cheese is in for a makeover and you're all invited to the taste the results.  

1. Southern Mac and Cheese - Smokin Bones

Starting slow, starting easy. Our first entry is the real deal: Southern-style American macaroni baked through with local Irish cheddar. This is our simplest and most humble entry on the list, with nought for garnish but a sprinkle of parmesan atop the dish. Still, it passes the taste test with flying colours and every bite tastes just as good as it looks. Smokin Bones are known for their Southern passion, and their Mac and Cheese is no exception. By the fork, by the spoon, by the handful, it's delicious without a doubt. Still not convinced? A bacon incarnation of the same meal is available too, for all you hungry carnivores out there.  

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2. Sloppy Mac 'n' Cheese with Heirloom Tomato Salad - The Woollen Mills

Let's lighten things up a little, shall we? Mac 'n' cheese is all well and good on its own, but how about a combo salad on the side? The folks down at The Woollen Mills are all for a balanced diet and their Sloppy Mac with Heirloom Tomato Salad is the perfect example. Heavy centrepiece, refreshing decoration. This is a great choice for anyone in desperate need of their five a day, with a rainbow of flavours on offer and a crisp aftertaste as standard. Cleanse that palette, pick those teeth. Fibre and cheese go hand in hand, after all.

3. Macaroni and Cheese with Taleggio and Truffle - Dillinger's

Still hungry? A generous portion of Macaroni and Cheese with Taleggio and Truffle from Dillinger's should do the trick! A tangy twist on old faithful, this dish takes home cooking goodness and dresses it up posh, with wonderful results. The Taleggio cheese is especially noticeable here, with each mouthful full of punchy undertones. Whilst not quite as deep as pure cheddar or a combo mix there's still a definite wholesomeness and it certainly makes for a flavourful experience!  

4. Mac and Cheese with Lobster - Klaw

Mac, cheese and a little seafood kick: introducing the Klaw restaurant take on three-cheese soul-food satisfaction. Masters of the ocean and kings of all things crustacean, these guys have taken lobster and studded it amongst the main for great results. If you were a fan of the bacon bits iteration, you'll certainly like this one. The meat has both a distinct texture and flavour. It's salty, chewy, subtle and full. It's genius, right there in front of you on the plate.    

Home cooking done right! Order mac 'n' cheese as a side or main direct to your door with Deliveroo.

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