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  2. Good news coffee lovers - here's four more reasons to love the jolt from java!
Coffee lovers rejoice - We've got more reasons to love it

Good news coffee lovers - here's four more reasons to love the jolt from java!

Who doesn't love coffee? It's amazing, and it's probably because you can enjoy it round the clock. So what makes it so great? Not only does it give us energy, it tastes amazing as well. It's been enjoyed for hundreds of years, and there's no stopping us now. Need a pick-me-up in the morning? No probs! Or perhaps you fancy it in a delicious dessert? Well, you can have it. From cakes across the city to ones borrowed from Italian cuisine, here are the best coffee desserts in Dublin. 

1. A tasty tiramisu

At Dall'Italia, there's a real emphasis on creating delicious desserts that are fresh and homemade. Their tiramisu is no exception, sticking to the authenticity that's expected of a dish hailing straight from Italy. The Italians are serious about many things, the first of all being coffee. Coffee is a major part of the deal, but there's also sugar, cream and sponge all layered to make an exciting extreme. To be honest, tiramisu is the cake that has everything - but the best bit has to be the caffeine. 

2. Oh go on, and another one

Not content with one kind of Tiramisu? There's always room for two. Compare and contrast thanks to this offering from Milano. This one also pays homage to Italian cooking, made by La Donatella and using tried and tested traditional methods. There's layers of ladyfingers, mascarpone cream, marsala wine and of course, coffee. All finished off lightly with a dusting of chocolatey cocoa.

3. Still craving coffee cake?

At Carluccio, life gets even more exciting when you try their Tiramisu. Yes, we know - that's the third now, but we're just kind of obsessed. If you want to enjoy one of the more alcoholic kind, this is the best you can get. Of the three on our list, their offering is probably the most indulgent, but who are we to complain? Savoiardi biscuits are soaked in strong espresso coffee in addition to coffee liqueur, so it's pretty intense. You also get cheese and chocolate as well. As the restaurant points out, it's absolutely no wonder that the word actually means "pick me up"!

4. How about an espresso to perk you up?

If none of these desserts have quite struck your fancy, don't worry, all is not lost. You can choose to order the ultimate pick-me-up instead... an Espresso, of course. This is the strongest of strong options when it comes to coffee, coming in the form of a solitary shot. Not only does it taste really good, it makes you feel really good as well. And at Good To Go, it really is "good to go". Now you really can have everything delivered!

Whether you want coffee cake or a straight up coffee in a cup, you can get what you're looking for delivered by Deliveroo.

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