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  2. The Best Places to Enjoy Authentic Chinese Food in Cork
The Best Places to Enjoy Authentic Chinese Food in Cork

The Best Places to Enjoy Authentic Chinese Food in Cork

Cork has plenty of restaurants that offer international cuisine options to suit the most varied of palates.

Of course, Chinese food is a favourite for lots of people. If that what's you're in the mood for, check out two of the best restaurants that offer both classic Chinese dishes as well as some of their own in-house specialities.

Princes Street and St Patrick's Street may be a long way from the origins of Chinese food, but that doesn't mean you'll get anything less than the authentic flavours of excellent Chinese cuisine at the Yuan Ming Yuan and Tung Sing restaurants.

1. Tung Sing

Since it opened in 1963, Tung Sing has been providing the people of Cork with a huge range of Chinese dishes and it's one of the longest established Chinese restaurants in the area. The combination of great food and generous portions mean it's often wise to book ahead if you want to eat in.

If you like your food hot and spicy, then you simply have to try one of Tung Sin's Szechuan dishes. Choose your favourite meat or seafood, then sit back and enjoy the fiery flavours.

There's also an an array of fried rice dishes, roast duck cooked with pineapple, oyster sauce or Hong Kong style, and satay dishes - peanut-flavoured heaven on a stick.

2. Yuan Ming Yuan

One of the claims to fame for this Chinese restaurant is that it's the only place in Cork that serves dim sum - which in itself makes it worth trying. There are lots of regional specialties too such as Kung Po style chicken. This is a classic from south-western China's Szechuan province made with chicken, vegetables, chilli peppers, peanuts and Szechuan peppercorns.

If you're sharing, there are plenty of accompaniments such as the Chef's Combo Tray for two people, skewered Chicken Satay or Deep Fried Wan Ton.

If you're finding it hard to choose from the large menu, why not be guided by the Chef's recommendations section, where you'll find dishes such as Hung Sung Pa Aromatic Duck - stir fry bok choi, char siu pork and shiitake mushrooms in a hoi sin sauce served on shredded crispy aromatic duck or Crispy Aromatic Lamb - deep-fried and marinated, tossed in a Shaoxing wine dressing with spring onions and chillies.

For anyone who's looking to include Chinese food on a culinary international tour around Cork, then Tung Sing and Yuan Ming Yuan's menus should definitely be consulted.

These are two of the best Chinese restaurants in Cork and not only offer the usual range of Chinese dishes that you'll already be familiar with, such as chop suey and chow mein, but they both have plenty of regional specialities for their diners to sample too.

Of course, you can book a table at either, but there's also the option of getting your favourite dishes brought to your door by Deliveroo.

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