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Restaurants To Check Out In Cork

5 restaurants to check out in Cork

Cork may be Ireland's second city, but when it comes to food and drink it plays second fiddle to nobody. Bursting with cool cafés, vibrant bars, top notch restaurants, festivals and foodie tours, Cork is Ireland's indisputable food capital. Here's our guide to six special spots that show the city's global reach when it comes to good eating.

1. Diavolo, Uncle Pete's

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If you're looking for the best pizzas in Cork, this place needs sampling. Named after the owner's favourite Italian-American relative, Uncle Pete's have been dishing out delicious pizzas since 2003. They've got the classics covered – Hawaiian, Meat Supreme, Pepperoni Plus, or Chef's Choice – add 3 toppings to their base of tom sauce and cheese.

But if you're feeling adventurous head straight for their Diavolo, found on their Gourmet menu: loaded with Italian sausage, salami, sweet pepperbelle chillies and caramelised onion for a sweet and spicy mix, tempered with cool, creamy slices of buffalo mozzerella. Gluten-free crusts available.

Where: Uncle Pete's

2. Rendang Curry, Ramen

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Asian street food is seriously popular, and so is Ramen. From dumplings and satay to pan-Asian curries and plenty of wok action, these guys go the full distance and personally source their spices across Asia to bring that extra flavour punch. And with their mission to cook healthy, natural and locally sourced food, you'll be doing your body a big favour as well.

We love their Rendang Curry, intense and complex, filled with onions and potatoes, and flavoured with ginger, cumin, coriander and lime leaf, with coconut milk to bring it in for a team huddle.

Where: Ramen

3. Chips and Guac, Burrito & Blues

In the mood for Mexican? The folks at Burritos & Blues are Cork's go-to specialists. Fresh, local produce handled with skill and loads of passion is what elevates this handy Tex-Mex treat to something really special. Whether you want it wrapped up in a tortilla or packed into a bowl, there's plenty of DIY options – pinto or black beans, marinated chargrilled chicken, slow-cooked Irish beef or pork, grilled veggies, salsas of varying intensity – you're the burrito boss. And if you want to please any crowd, go straight for the Chips and Guac, actually, you might want to triple that order.

Where: Burrito & Blues

4. Chicken Satay, Yuan Ming Yuan

With a reputation for some of the best Chinese food in the city, Yuan Ming Yuan delivers crowd-pleasing classics with plenty of authentic touches and tastes. Familiar favourites are given that extra bit of love and attention to set them apart. The ever-popular appetiser aromatic duck is marinated and then braised for 24 hours, ready to be rolled up in pancakes. And don't miss out on the wan tons from these dumpling masters. For a taste of Malaysia as a starter, go for their peanutty Chicken Satay.

Where: Yuan Ming Yuan

5. Sultan Restaurant Café & Shisha Lounge

Why not add a touch of the exotic and conjure up the Lebanese and Moroccan delights from Sultan Restaurant Café? From Morocco there are fragrant slow-cooked tagines of saffron-braised chicken or succulent beef. The grill is king for Lebanese specialities, with skewers of lamb mince or marinated chicken getting that smoky chargrill treatment. And no Middle Eastern feast is complete without some honey-drenched baklava to end on a high.

Where: Sultan Restaurant Café & Shisha Lounge

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