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  2. Goodness, Gracious Me! 3 of Cork’s Tastiest Indian Restaurants
Three of Cork’s Tastiest Indian Restaurants

Goodness, Gracious Me! 3 of Cork’s Tastiest Indian Restaurants

If you like Indian food and you're in Cork, then you're in the right place! Ireland's second city has a great selection of different Indian restaurants which make it their business to supply Cork residents with the authentic tastes and flavours of Indian cuisine.

Indian food is always at its most enjoyable if you have someone to share it with, as then you can order a number of dishes and increase the number of flavours you get to savour in one meal.

1. Lal Quila

At Lal Quila in Douglas, there's a combination of Indian and Pakistani dishes on the menu. For starters, have some pakora - mushroom, chicken or vegetables dipped in gram flour batter and fried to crispy and delicious bites. Tandoori starters include Chicken Chat - barbecued chicken with a special mango sauce or Reshmi Kebab - minced and marinated chicken which has been cooked in the tandoor. Any of the Chef's recommendations makes for a great main course but our top pick is the Lamb Pasanda. This isn't a curry you choose for the heat; it's a mild but highly flavoured combination of spring lamb cooked in an almond and yoghurt sauce.

Lal Quila caters for veggies too; try the Vegetable Biryani - a mix of green peas, dried plum and mixed nuts with basmati rice that's served with refreshing raita.

2. Thali


While not strictly Indian food, we felt we had to include this Nepalese restaurant in our list of Cork's best Indian food, simply because their dishes are so delicious! And be assured that you'll get the real deal here - the chef at Thali has been cooking Nepalese food since he was seven!

Our favourite main courses have a surf versus turf theme. If you're a seafood fan, try Jingha Macha Ko Tarkari - prawn curry to you and me! This is a classic Nepalese dish where the prawns are cooked in a mix of traditional herbs. For meat-lovers, there's the Jomsom Bhedo - lamb curry cooked in an onion and spiced sauce which is flavoured with Himalayan mountain herbs. All Thali's mains are served with a choice of plain rice or naan bread.

3. Bombay Palace

One dish you may not have discovered yet on an Indian menu is the Shorba - an Indian soup. At Bombay Palace there are two to choose from - Tamtar Soup is a medium spicy tomato soup and Dal soup is made with lentils. Either is a great way to start an Indian meal.

Bombay Palace has a number of different specialty dishes, including those that are seafood, chicken or lamb-base. Our favourite is from the Murg (chicken) selection. Adraki Chicken melts in your mouth - boneless pieces of spring chicken cooked with fresh ginger, herbs and spices. To accompany it, try the Pudina Pratha - a whole wheat multi-layered bread that's baked with a hint of fresh mint.

Vegetarians have plenty of choice at the Bombay Palace - try the Vegetable Jal Frezi if you like your curries hot, and if you prefer a milder level of spice, then go for the Saag Paneer. This dish features chunks of cottage cheese blended with spinach and tomatoes.

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