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  2. Fancy a burger? These are Dublin’s creative twists on an all-time fave!
Check out Some of Dublin’s Most Creative Twists on Burgers

Fancy a burger? These are Dublin’s creative twists on an all-time fave!

Whether you've had a tiresome day, a late night on the town, or craving some soul-healing comfort food, there's always one idea that comes to mind: a whopping monster of a burger would be great right now! This all-time classic American meal excels in the world of fast food, and has recently been reinvented to incorporate the best of gourmet, fusion, and just plain outrageous combinations to keep even the biggest burger fans on their toes! Take a walk on the wild side and try out some of Dublin's most creative burger recipes around!            

1. The Satay Burger - Gourmet Burger Kitchen

A new trend has emerged in the culinary world with a fascination on reinventing even the sloppiest of fast foods and introducing them into the world of fine dining. The burger, a popular choice worldwide, has made its debut onto the gourmet scene in all shapes and sizes with a world of ingredients never-before-seen on this original bun-based meal. For a whole list of variations, try out the new and improved burgers showcased at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen. For a perfect example of a gourmet quality fusion of American and Japanese elements, the Satay Burger is an absolute must-try! Be it grilled or fried with panko breadcrumbs, enjoy this chicken burger stacked with crispy onions, fresh rocket, garlic mayo, house relish, pickled onions, drizzled in delicious satay sauce for an unforgettable burger experience.

2. Bacon, Egg & Clonakitly Supreme - Eddie Rocket's Diner

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Circling back to a great night out with your mates, you're bound to end the night craving a cross between a full-on fry-up and something greasy you can sink your teeth into. Why choose when you can enjoy the perfect merge of both with Eddie Rocket's breakfast rendition of the classic burger. At Eddie Rocket's Diner, they offer the famous Bacon, Egg, & Clonakitly Supreme featuring a perfect patty topped with grilled bacon, mayo, cheddar and tomato topped with a fried egg and your choice of black and white Clonakitly pudding or hash brown. This ultimate fry-up burger hybrid will bring you back to life guaranteeing a renewed perspective on the average hamburger.

3. The Bari Burger - Jo'Burger

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Jo'Burger, a trendy chain of eateries that has gained much popularity among Dublin's celebrities and beloved rugby boys, offers a seemingly endless list of intricate burgers you've never heard of before. For a true experience with the new-and-improved burger, take your pick off of their creative menu and you can't go wrong! For something a little different, go for their Bari burger, a masterpiece compiled of bush peach curry sauce, mayo, emmental, tomato, onion, and lettuce for an airy texture spiked with hints of sweet curry flavours. Each burger has its own twist of creativity at Jo'Burger, and is guaranteed to win your vote no matter what you go for!

4. The Dame St. Veggie - Bobo's

Although traditionally thought of as a meat-lovers delight, the latest trends have opened a world of patty options proudly showcasing variations of chicken, fish, and even veggie burgers to suit Tom, Dick, and his vegetarian brother Harry! For those of you counting calories or looking for a delicious veggie-friendly option, check out Bobo's Dame St. Veggie burger and prepare yourself to be impressed! Ditching the beef for a vitamin-packed falafel patty topped with roasted peppers, onions, tomatoes, hot salsa, crème fraiche, and drenched in a Greek-inspired Tzatziki sauce, this burger will hit the spot any day of the week!

A world-famous classic reinvented! Enjoy any of these creative burger recipes in the comfort of your own home with a little help from Deliveroo!  

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