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  2. Capture culture in a bun with these four brilliantly tasty burgers
Get a taste of the world with these gourmet burgers

Capture culture in a bun with these four brilliantly tasty burgers

We all love the burger, that good old American staple that never goes out of foodie fashion. Packed with an array of delicious ingredients, it can be served up in so many ways that it's impossible to ever get bored of it, and boy do we enjoy trying as many of them as we can!

But have you ever noticed how a whole culture can be packed up into one brilliantly cooked bun – or a cooking style, at least! Giving us the perfect insight into the very best of global food trends without ever straying from that tried and tested formula, these four gorgeous gourmet burgers are the perfect cases in point.

1. Get a taste of Italy with the Ragazzi Hamburger

Italian cuisine usually tastes out-of-this-world amazing, and we challenge anyone to go into an Italian restaurant and not find something scrumptious on the menu. Famed for their pastas and pizzas, some of these eateries nonetheless serve up some pretty great burgers too, including the taste bud tantalising Ragazzi Hamburger from Bel Cibo. Combining your choice of a double beef or chicken burger with bacon, Swiss cheese, red onion, and authentic Italian relish, it will leave you licking your lips and patting your belly in appreciation.    

2. Feel like you're in France with the Emdeni

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If there is anything associated with French cuisine, it has to be garlic, with mushrooms coming a close second. That's why we think that the Emdeni from Jo'Burger in Dublin is just the ticket. Combining flat mushroom and garlic butter with their trademark relish, mayo fraiche, lettuce, tomato, and more, it tastes utterly divine, all the while conjuring images of the Eiffel Tower, berets, and old-fashioned onion sellers. Eating it is almost as good as feeling the breeze off the Seine – arguably better considering that you can do it wrapped up warm in the comfort of your own home!     

3. Imagine you're in Mexico with the Chipotle

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Eddie Rocket's Diner is an all-American eatery in Dublin, but that doesn't mean its focus is solely on one side of the border. It also offers the amazing and authentically Mexican Chipotle burger, which genuinely tastes great. Super hot and spicy, this delicious dish combines cheddar cheese, a red hot sauce topped with jalapenos, one very juicy hamburger, and salad staples like lettuce and tomato to create something truly scrumptious.      

4. Be authentically American with the Hot Diggity

If there is one place in Ireland where you're guaranteed to get an authentically American eating experience, it's Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Serving up the ultimate comfort food for when your mood needs some lifting, they know exactly how to please, and their Hot Diggity is arguably the best burger in town. Mixing aged cheddar cheese with chilli fried egg, basil mayo, habanero jam, and paprika onions, it tastes as good as it looks and smells, making it a true triple threat, and the ultimate treat for both your taste buds and your tummy.   

Fancy expanding your food horizons without moving away from your favourite diet staple? Then these burgers are just the ticket. Place an order today with Deliveroo and have fun proving us right.

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