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From hummus to falafel - 5 chickpea picks from Dublin

Five Eastern Chickpea Picks to Nourish Your Tum

The humble chickpea: a staple of the human diet for thousands of years, this little legume has been prime on our plates since the ancient Stone Age. But how best to chow down on its bean-y goodness? You'd think in all the years since we'd have worked out the perfect veggie recipe by now – truth is, there's more than one! Appetite's at the ready everybody, here's a rundown of the top chickpea dishes in town, all as healthy as they are delicious.  

1. Traditional Salad

Shamandar Salad is pink, sweet, good for the gut and fresh as can be, bursting with fibrous flavour. What's more is it's This is a prime example of a chickpea dish full of colour and life, great for newcomers especially. Who says healthy food can't be delicious? The guys down at the Umi Falafel kitchen get the balance just right with this one: bulgur wheat infused with beetroot water and diced beetroot veg make up the core of the dish, while parsley, spring onion and chickpea make up the taste.


2. Velvety Smooth Dip

Nothing says Mediterranean food like a creamy hummus dip. And what's hummus made of? Why, chickpeas of course! Great as a snack, great for lunch and great to cleanse the palate, this Eastern staple is loved the whole world over for one very good reason: it's really, really yummy. There are so many variants and so many ways to enjoy this spin on the chickpea – personally, we're big fans of the Hummus Awarma from Damascus Gate. Seasoned with sesame, tahini and lemon juice, it's a minced lamb appetiser with a punch.

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3. Superfood Soup

Up next, a bowl of piping hot Moroccan Harira. All vegetarians welcome! Traditionally used to break the fast during Ramadan, this is one hearty ol' soup full of goodness. Made with lentils, vermicelli, chickpeas and coriander, it's all about nutrition and filling up that tum. Try your first at Dada.   


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4. A Salad Like No Other 

Another salad, another heaping bowl of nutritious chow. Chickpea is the perfect accomplice to so many body-boosting recipes and the Leggera Superfood Salad from Milano is no exception. Less traditional and more a mighty mix of the best veg from all the world over, it promises to sate your appetite all for under 500 calories. Black rice, edamame, red quinoa, mung beans, cranberries, pumpkin, green leaves and onion - the list goes on and on. Crunchy. Healthy. Oh so tasty.

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5. And finally...

Last up, a little indulgence. Everything tastes better deep fried, including chickpeas, and a Falafel Sandwich with Hummus from Café Oasis is all the proof your taste buds will ever need. Seasoned and spiced, this lunchtime snack comes plated with tahini sauce on the side and a hefty chunk of pizza bread for all your dipping needs. A generous serving indeed.

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