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  2. Roasted duck anyone? Discover Dublin’s best Chinese food
Discover Dublin's Best Chinese Food

Roasted duck anyone? Discover Dublin’s best Chinese food

Chinese food is one of the best choices when it comes to takeaway. The dishes are so varied and it's a cuisine that's designed to be experienced with others, sharing and savouring the balance of tastes, textures and flavours you get in any well-cooked Chinese meal.

Ordering in at home means that you can socialise with friends or family in your own space and no one needs to do the hard work of cooking. We've rounded up three of the best Chinese restaurants in Dublin to show you what else is on offer beyond the usual chow mein and chop suey choices.

1. Dim Sum at Orchid

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To do dim sum justice, it's best to eat it with friends. Of course, going out for dim sum is always fun, but it can be just as good an experience at home if you order in from an authentic Chinese restaurant such as Orchid. If you're not in the mood to make lots of choices, keep ordering simple by going for the Dim Sum Special which serves two people. It's a platter that includes Wal Tip (pork dumplings), the sweet and spicy contrast of Hung Yau Kow (prawn dumplings with spicy oil), Gau Zhe (crispy chicken dumplings) and Singapore noodles. Personalise your plate by adding in favourites from the individual dim sum choices. Our recommendation is Shiu Loon Bao - steamed crab and pork dumplings.

2. Urban cool Chinese food at Hang Dai

Hang Dai on Camden Street specialises in serving its customers the best of Chinese cuisine cooked in a contemporary style. While you'll find old favourites on the menu such as prawn toast starters and pork dumplings with sweet soy and Chinese chives, you'll also probably be unfamiliar with some of the speciality dishes on offer.

For instance, are you tempted to try the Sticky Venison, which is served with pumpkin, kale and hazelnuts or the Sweet and Sour Monkfish, served with charred pineapple? Taking Chinese cooking to new heights, Hang Dai will definitely delight. If you're feeling really organised, order the wood-fire roasted duck, which comes in two parts. First up there's a duck broth served with Chinese pickles, which is followed by Beijing-style duck slices with crispy skin, pancakes, cucumber and cherry hoisin sauce.

3. Chinese, Irish and Indian cooking at Blue Ginger

Many Asian restaurants offer a mix of cuisines these days, and that's what you'll get at Blue Ginger. This restaurant has plenty of tempting Chinese and Indian dishes, and there are also Irish cuisine choices. For a Chinese night, why not pick a bunch of starters to share. Blue Ginger favourites include Sesame Honey Crispy Chicken, boneless mouthfuls of sweetly flavoured chicken, or Cronjee Crispy Lamb - battered lamp strips cooked in a cronjee sauce. Or why not go for a classic Chinese starter like Salt-n-Pepper prawns cooked and tossed in dry chilli salt and pepper? And for your main course, try the vegetable Manchurian - a spicy serving of minced veggie dumplings that have been simmered in a ginger and garlic soy sauce.

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