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Dish Of The Day: Baby Back Ribs

Dish of the day: baby back ribs

Whether smoked, grilled or marinated, ribs are a steakhouse favourite – and we sure do love them here in Ireland. In particular, it's the extra juicy meat from baby back ribs that are the star of the show, and there's all sorts of great places serving them up here.

For an ole-fashioned Texas-style BBQ, get your rib order from My Meat Wagon with 'slaw and corn on the side. Or, you could treat yourself to a half rack of ribs smothered in the sweet flavours of a homemade BBQ marinade, rustled up by the guys at Ruby's Pizza & Grill. Of course, for the ultimate indulgence, go for the slow-cooked wonders at Pete's, and dive in fingers first.

Only the finest cut

Baby back ribs are known for taking the tender crown over all other rib cuts – and this is thanks to the size and location of the ribs. They're taken from the top of the rib cage, from in-between the spine and the more well-known spare ribs.

As they have meat both between each rib along the top, they're often just as meaty as spare ribs, as well as shorter and curved – though this doesn't make it easier not to get sauce all over your face when you eat them, trust us. They may be a lean cut, but they're incredibly juicy, making them a sought-after cut around the globe.

Culinary culture

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We might associate baby back ribs with American cuisine, but this flavoursome cut of meat pops up in cuisines all over the world, each with their own cooking methods – in particular, it's become a favourite with Chinese chefs.

It could be a aromatic meat rub that you encounter at your local takeaway, where the spare ribs are gently slow cooked, allowing the delicate spices to develop. Or instead, you might have tried the blackened baby back ribs, where brown sugar, soy sauce and a dash of five-spice creates the most sensational crust.

A local delicacy

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Across Dublin, you'll be able to find this dish in its most classic form, where the smoky flavours take you right back to memories of sunny evenings and a cold beer in the garden, regardless of the weather outside.

If you're here for baby back ribs in all their traditional glory, head to Pete's. Their BBQ Baby Back Smokey Ribs are slow cooked to make them extra juicy, served up with a vivid rainbow slaw and fries for a real American-inspired feast.

We'd recommend ordering the full rack of ribs from Ruby's Pizza & Grill for those authentic flavours – a delightfully sticky marinade coats this impressive rack, and their chipotle mayo makes the perfect dip. If you've got a your pals coming around though, go for one of the sharing boards from My Meat Wagon instead – with pulled pork, brisket, beef rib, pork belly, sausage, chicken and baby back ribs can all be yours with just a few clicks. This is a real crowd-pleaser.

Are you craving those moreish barbecue flavours, but can't find the firelighters? Stay inside and order this delicious dish from Deliveroo now.

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