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Dish Of The Day: Beef Stew

Dish of the day: beef stew

There's little more comforting than a beefy stew. Especially on a cold day when the sky is grey, the rain is hammering against the window panes, and you want to hide away from the outside world. And on these sofa-bound days, you need some serious comfort food that'll warm your soul as well as your toes.

Good beef stew is both modest and luxurious. While the ingredients seem simple – meat, root vegetables and a rich gravy – when it's done well, it's culinary awesomeness, just like at Boxty House, Gallaher & Co and Uncle Pete's.

A hearty throwback

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Irish cooking is all about respect – and that applies to both its heritage and to the ingredients. Recipes are passed down through generations, and ingredients are inspired by the changing seasons.

Although it's a comfort food classic today, the stew's popularity grew from a time when social conditions were anything but comfortable. Stews were once the budget cooking of a bygone era – everything bundled into a big pot and simmered to rich, robust and rustic heaven. This delight was the 'one pot wonder' of days gone by.

From the cauldron to fine dining

Today, beef stew is far from its rustic beginnings. You'll find it everywhere from a gastropub staple to a slow-cooked Sunday treat. Whether it's comfort food or dressed to impress, there's just something about it that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

There are many variations of the classic beefy stew. While some are more herby and fragrant, infused with thyme, parsley, or a hint of rosemary, others sub in beer to enrich everything even further. And when it comes to vegetables, the ingredient world is your oyster, so you're guaranteed to find all sorts of goodies packed into your stew.

Served with a side of charm

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Boxty House rustle up their stew with an extra injection of Irish Spirit. And what's more Irish than Guinness? Their Guinness & Beef concoctions sees braised Irish beef marinated in that dark stout liquid and met with root vegetables and potatoes.

They're also on the Guinness train at Gallaher & Co, serving up their Daube of Beef slow-cooked in our favourite brew, with mashed potato, smoked bacon, wild mushrooms and beer-battered sweet onions for an extra stouty hit. And for those of you that aren't fans of all things beefy, opt for Uncle Pete's lamb take – packing in swede, carrot and potatoes, plated up with soda bread and butter.

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