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Dish Of The Day: Burrito

Dish of the day: burrito

If we had to name two things that we love most in this world, it would be a tough task – but burritos and sunshine would probably pip everything else to the post.  

While we don't get too much of the sunshine here, luckily for us, we do have burrito cantinas popping up all over the place. And with Mexican hotspots like Tolteca, Zambrero and Saburritos, who needs Vitamin D anyway? We take a look at the history of this beloved dish.

Little donkey

The literal Spanish translation means 'little donkey'. One burrito origin story pins them on a man called Juan Mendez, from Juarez in Mexico. Juan had a small food business – and a donkey. He was the original street food vendor before it was cool.

To keep food warm, he created big tortillas and rolled various meals into them. These were then wrapped in napkins and sold as they walked along, with his donkey carrying the food. The dish – unsurprisingly – became wildly popular, and people would wait hours for Juan and his 'burrito' to show up so they could enjoy his delicious wraps.

A quick recap

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Burritos are just the best. It's all your favourite things wrapped up in one handy bundle –  great for both an on the go lunch, and a hearty meal on the sofa. Fine dining or comfort food, the burrito is the one every time.

Haven't had the opportunity to sample the savoury delights of a burrito yet? It's incredibly versatile. It's great for lunch when you're on the go, but also a firm favourite for date night, family dinners, and an evening in with the amigos. It's the edible equivalent of a game of Jenga – bringing people together amongst a mountain of debris. In this case, food debris. Because as brilliant as burritos are, they're not the neatest dish.

Mexico this side of the Atlantic

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An ancient proverb says: 'the only bad burrito is the one you didn't eat' – a philosophy we can definitely get behind. And at trendy Tolteca, you won't want to pass on their burritos. With their huge host of ingredients, you can make the burrito of your dreams. In fact, there's so many toppings their burritos are more of a two-handed affair. We think that's something to do with their hearty options – pack in bacon-cooked Pinto beans, grilled vegetables, guacamole and slow-cooked meat to make your burrito the wrap you've been waiting for.

The best thing about the humble burrito is that it can be as big as you like. Saburritos are known for packing out their tortillas with as many flavoursome ingredients as your taste buds can handle, and here vegetarians can get in on the fun too. Stuff your burrito with falafel or mixed vegetables instead of your traditional meaty feast and tuck in. And you know when each sauce has a spice rating that you've come to the right place – and that place is Zambrero. Choose from a mild garlic or basil sauce, or go all out with three-rated Red Chilli sauce if you're feeling particularly brave.

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