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Dish Of The Day: Lasagne

Dish of the day: lasagne

When it comes to comfort food, lasagne is the king. A slice of this oven-baked wonder of a tomato-y meaty sauce, lovingly layered with pasta, creamy béchamel and Parmesan would lift spirits even on the toughest day. And the folks at Ristorante Rossini, La Dolce Vita and Milano have the perfect ones to pep you up.

Perfect balance

It's tough not to love lasagne when it has all the best features of truly great comfort food – that hearty combination of cheese and carbs. Typically it's made with a ragù – a rich tomato sauce made from onions, carrots, finely ground pork and beef and enriched with red wine and herbs – before being layered with pasta slices, béchamel sauce and topped with Parmesan cheese. This cheesy beauty is then baked until the meat is tender, the pasta soft and the cheese melted.

The dish has a special place in pop culture, too. It's famously Garfield the cat's favourite food. His love of this pasta dish is only rivalled by his hatred of Mondays – so it's the ideal meal to cheer up any gloomy workday night.

Cookbook classic

We all know that lasagne comes from Italy, but the nation – and now much of the world – has an unknown mediaeval writer from Naples to thank for this culinary classic. Our beloved ragù cake was first seen in the legendary 14th century cookbook Liber de Coquina.

As is apparent, it became a hit in kitchens across the globe and today the original recipe is still popular, with variations replacing meat with Mediterranean vegetables, béchamel with ricotta and Parmesan with mozzarella, also acceptable and equally as tempting.

Original recipe

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They keep close to the original recipe at Cork's Ristorante Rossini, serving up their lasagna with tomato sauce and béchamel. But the mince isn't just any kind of meat – it's made from premium fillet steak for extra tenderness, so every mouthful is smooth and rich.

If you're a cheese fan, opt for the classic lasagne al forno at La Dolce Vita where they top layers of bolognese sauce and pasta with slices of gooey mozzarella and serve with a fresh house salad.

And mushroom is a special ingredient in Milano's lasagne classica, where it's layered with bolognese, tomato, béchamel sauce and pasta sheets before being finished with Gran Milano cheese and baked until golden.

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