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Dish Of The Day: Quesadilla

Dish of the day: quesadilla

It doesn't get much more indulgent than with a classic Mexican quesadilla. And the good news is that Ireland's Mexican food scene is buzzing with brilliant new takes on this mouth-watering dish.  

So whether you opt to build your own perfect combination at Saburritos, layer up your monster 12-inch tortilla with your choice of fillings at El Patron, or choose from an imaginative range at Little Ass Burrito Bar, your new favourite quesadilla isn't far away.  

A quick guide to quesadilla

Beloved across Mexico, quesadilla is the go-to snack food – and you'll find it just about everywhere. Traditionally the recipe is the simplest in the north of the country, where you fold a single corn tortilla over a filling of Oaxaca cheese and heat it on a griddle, until the cheese is melted to silky perfection and the tortilla has that just-grilled bite.

Further south, the fillings can get complex, adding meat or vegetables, chilli, and even flor de calabaza – pumpkin flowers – to complement the cheese. You'll also find your quesadilla fried instead of grilled, giving it a tempting golden appearance and satisfying crunch.

Quesa means cheese, and this is the defining element of a quesadilla. And we're big fans of anything with cheese in its name. Whatever you choose to add to it, it's the warm, smooth melting cheese that makes this dish so irresistible.

Endless variations


At Saburritos, they're all about customisation. Top your 'mountain of cheese' with chicken, mixed vegetables, pulled steak, falafel, or lamb chorizo. The good news doesn't stop there though. Keep the party going with your choice of six salsas – from the mellow and mild to the blow-your-socks-off hot.

With nearly 20 possible additions to the basic cheese and tortilla formula, El Patron's quesadilla is another build-it-yourself marvel. Starting with a generous 12-inch tortilla and plenty of cheese as a blank canvas, will you add Barbacoa Beef, Chilli Con Carne, refried beans or pickled jalapeños to yours?

If you prefer to pick your quesadilla from an imaginative list of creations, try Little Ass Burrito Bar. We love the Pukka Poya, with chilli and lime marinated chicken, sour cream, fresh coriander and salsa. Other options include the whimsically-named vegetarian delight Joanie Loves Chaci, with chargrilled red peppers, pico de gallo, fresh coriander and cheese. Each combination offers the choice of three different cheeses, too – so there's always room to make your meal just the way you want it.


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