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Dish Of The Day: Risotto

Dish of the day: risotto

Creamy, comforting and super versatile, risotto somehow is both a go-to comfort food and a luxurious treat all in one. And we sure do love this Italian superstar here in Ireland, but with places like Il Posto, Fratelli and La Piccola serving it up in style, can you really blame us?  

Choices, choices

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It's the risotto alla Milanese that's the most popular version of this rice-y wonder, whipped up of a simple mix of rice, chicken stock, onions, butter, wine, parmesan and saffron, and it's this bit that gives it that trademark yellow hue we all know and love.

But that's not all, you'll find different risottos topping off menus across the world, each bundling in all sorts of goodies. And while it's mushrooms, pumpkins, squid ink and sausage that are the usual suspects, you name it, we guess it'll work great in a risotto.

The real risotto

Risotto was created in Italy, that's for certain, but where exactly? In spite of the Neapolitans, Milanese and Venetians trying to wrangle the credit for inventing this delight, we're still not quite sure where this dish came from. All we know is that we're big fans.

Risotto has been around for ages, first popping up in the 14th century anonymous Venetian cookery book Libro per cuoco as rixo in bona manera, and talks about a special way of cooking rice similar to porridge. And those guys must have been onto something, because we still can't get enough of it today.

Irish influences

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For a simple and classy take, try Il Posto's Vegetarian Risotto , where spinach, chive and peas come together to create a refreshingly light dish. If you prefer tastes of the sea, the Seafood Risotto they rustle up over at Fratelli's is not to be missed.

Dinner party tonight with a few picky eaters? La Piccola is here to help, offering up  three different kinds. There's one for just about every taste here, so find it with chicken and broccoli, prawns or mushrooms. Now everyone can get in on the risotto fun.

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